Hey, Another Green Roof (Sort of)

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This is the new ATF building, I think, over in North East. I think it’s the ATF building but it’s for sure a federal building. Anyway, when I was over at Artomatic I got to see the roof of the security barrier which is filled with green. So I understand the benefit of green roofs on buildings but what’s the benefit on a smaller structure like the security barrier? Is it more than aesthetic?

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  • I am pretty sure that building is for the General Services Administration which does things like pay the government’s utility bills.

  • Yep, ATF building near the Florida Ave-Gallaudet Metro.

  • how much do you think they pay the neighborhood kids to mow that lawn? like $4 an hour?

  • it’s the new ATF bldg. that ‘ring’ around the front of it is not a security barrier. believe it or not, it’s a simple architectural element. you can read/listen about it on NPR.

  • POP so you went to ART-O-Matic? How was that? I did not get chance to go.

  • That’s the ATF building. It’s kind of ugly if you ask me. NoMa is turning into an ugly neighborhood if this is the kind of buildings being constructed. The ballpark area is looking really nice and is getting built out faster. Ward 5 really needs to get their act together.

  • 1) That may seem like a “small” structure, on the scale of the entire property, but it’s a HUGE amount of green surface area, compared to a typical green roof on a privately owned property.

    2) There are VERY many benefits of such a large amount of green space. These vary depending on the project, but generally include at least these: reduction of the “urban heat island;” filtration, reduction, and delay of stormwater runoff; a small amount of air filtration; and a potential landing space for migratory birds, butterflies, etc.

    3) The only things that are really lost by using this sort of green roof, as opposed to a typical one on a more conventional roof space are the savings on utilities due to insulation, the potential for food production, and the use of the roof as a recreational or therapeutic space.

  • Second everything that Brad said (except maybe the food production part), and really hope that everyone considers every space for a green roof. No reason not to if you are thinking long term.

  • Hurray for green roofs! I’m itching to convert mine, but sadly, it is far down on the list of projects.

  • That is the butt-ugliest of the federal buildings….

  • Ugly building for a particularly ugly Federal agency: the ATF.

    Yup, these are the guys who brought us the publicity-stunt-gone-wrong called Waco.

  • No, no…my best friend and I are pretty sure that it’s the Superfriends’ Hall of Justice.

  • Last year, sitting in the upper deck at RFK. 2 dorky guys behind us:

    Dork#1, arriving:Sorry I’m late, I got stuck on NY Ave.

    Dork#2: That’s ok, it’s only the third inning.

    Dork#1: Hey, I saw the new stadium there at Florida and NY. That’s going to be pretty sweet.

    Me: Choke, gasp, beer comes out nose.

    Us on the way home: figuring out to monitor the ATF building to see how many people try to go to a game there on opening day 2008.

  • INMHIIYNTYAH: that isn’t in ward 5, it’s in ward 6, the same ward as your beloved ballpark area.

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