Here Let Me Help You Visualize It


I thought this was a pretty wild sign in the window of the shop for sale on U Street near 9th. The scene looks ordinary but if you notice there is a little drawing in the center of the window just above the ReMax for sale sign. (Close up of the drawing after the jump.) It’s a pretty cool drawing of a nice dining area. However, I do find it hard to believe that someone would be looking to purchase property and see a drawing and have a eureka moment of – hey maybe a nice little restaurant would work great here… It is a pretty cool drawing though. Would be awesome if it became a reality. Drawing after the jump.


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  • I think that if someone were looking for a space for a restaurant then the drawing just helps them visualize the concept. Agree that the drawing isn’t going to produce any come to jesus moments, but the drawing is helpful and actually a very good marketing tactic

  • What did the sign say before it was smashed?

  • White socks PoP? Well, at least you weren’t wearing crocs…unless you’re wearing white socks with crocs…oh the horrors!

  • Dang it, I must have missed (yet another) fashion development…. It’s no longer okay to wear white socks with shorts and running shoes? What is the preferred method? Sandals? No socks with running shoes (ick)???

  • That used to be one of my favorite names for a business; I think it was a barber shop / beauty salon named “Kuttin’ Heads” (I think there was a logo on the far left, but I can’t remember now).

  • sandals are best with shorts, but not those beach ones, reefs i think theyre called. crocs should be removed from the wardrobe entirely, unless you are 5. if you have to wear running shoes, make sure you wear ankle socks or stick to stylish sneakers like puma, converse, etc etc.

    just my opinion!

  • BUT, I know PoP walks a lot on the wknds to provide us with fun info so he is allowed to wear whatever he wants.

  • Thank god I only have ankle socks…


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