Going to Town With House Numbers


This house was wild. It had clever numbers on the garage, garbage can, and the front of the house. The funny thing was that I walked around for about a half hour before I reached the front of the house and thought wow those are cool numbers and then realized that it was the same house I had seen in the alley. Ok, now writing that I realize that is a pretty boring story but trust me it kind a bugged me out a bit. I really have to stay away from glue… More photos of the different house numbers after the jump.



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  • Spending a lot of time in Mt. Pleasant, are we? I definitely recognize the mural from yesterday from my old block on 19th Street. This looks pretty familiar too.

    Let’s keep it east of the park, Mr. Prince of “Petworth.” You’re totally busted!

  • Er… I mean… east of 16th Street 🙂

  • Jamie,

    YOU are officially busted. PoP isn’t that parcohcial….. DC is tiny. what happens around Petworth affects Petworth.

    he’s doing everyone a favor by focusing the majority of his stuff on Petworth, but including issues that will directly affect those of you that don’t leave the living room couch.



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