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I’ve just been notified that the 5 Guys in Columbia Heights will be opening up this week. It will be located right above the metro on the western side of Irving (next to Pete’s Apizza). I peeked in the window and they look good to go. So what do you guys think about this? Psyched or Saddened?  I guess it beckons the question:  Who do you think offers the best burger in the city?

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  • It’s not the best burger, but it definitely fills a need. But one of my favorite burger is the burger at Palena’s bar.

  • Pysched! I love 5 guys and def love love love the fries!!!

  • Yes! The Palena burger is the best, pauper!!!!

    I don’t get the 5 guys hype, but it’s nice to have a DC staple added to CH.

  • Elevation Burger rocks, they just need some DC locations!!

  • Bourbon, the one in Glover Park not Adams Morgan, has a damn good burger. Annie’s steakhouse in Dupont also has a tasty burger. And believe it or not, the Tons of Fun Burger at Cheesecake Factory is VERY good. And I hate chains!

  • Well, the Five Guys burger is half the price of the Palena burger, so there you go.

    I think the real question is what is the best burger, dollar for dollar. I don’t think the Palena burger is twice as good as a Five Guys burger.

  • Of course, nothing beats In and Out Burger for a quick, delicious burger. Too bad they’re west coast only.

  • Funny, DCDire, because when I moved out here I was told Five Guys was the In ‘n’ Out of the Atlantic seaboard. But I’m with you, oh so much.

  • I think the 5 Guys burger is, quite easily, the best burger in town. It’s one of the best in the country. I love the Palena burger but it fulfills an entirely different category–namely, fine dining. When I want a burger, which is quite often, I want it greasy, cheesy, preferably wrapped in foil and accompanied by a bag of similarly greasy, salty fries.

    I’ve been anticipating the opening of the CH 5 Guys with a fervor unmatched by any other single addition to the neighborhood.

  • Sure if you’re looking for something on the cheap side, 5 guys is the way to go. I won’t dispute that, anonymouse. Too bad there isn’t a white castle here.

  • so when you say opening this week…what day exactly? Hungry stomachs want to know!

  • Nothing beats In ‘n’ Out. Period. But alas, with gas prices as they are, one can’t entirely justify a trip to Cali just for a burger.

    So- we have 5 Guys is different, but good, and fills a similar kind of niche. I just love that they never look at you funny for wanting green peppers on your cheeseburger 🙂

  • Five Guys is definitely made of the awesome!

  • Not sure how much exactly the 5 Guys burger costs so not sure if this is an accurate dollar-for-dollar comparison, but the Red Lion (??? not sure if that’s the name.. a dive pub on H or I and 21st NW/Penn Ave) very reasonably priced great burger (even recommended by Bob Kennydy in a signed pic on the wall)..

    Anyway, I am happy to see 5 Guys coming (have only had their burger once in my life though), and exited to see the new clean interior (as opposed to the nasty run down Georgetown location).

    Now if only I could also get a Bic Mac in CH (yes, I love the Big Mac every now and then)! 🙂

    PoP, come on man, do some gonzo journalism and find out when it actually opens.

  • Five Guys makes a good burger; dollar-for-dollar, the burgers at both Central and Hudson are superior to the Palena burger. They’re the top two in the city.

  • I walk my dog by there every day, so when it opens I’ll leave comment.

  • I’ve been to Central a couple of times but have yet to get the burger. I’ll check it out next time. But what’s Hudson?

  • While not the best burgers in the world, 5 Guys is definitely in the upper echelon in the DC area. Add an order of cajun fries to the burger and you’ve got lip smacking artery clogging tastiness. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm.

    In no order, a few other top-notch area burgers that I think are actually better than 5 Guys…

    1. Trusty’s on Penn. Ave on the Hill (like Penn and 13th SE). The burgers are cooked on a flat-top five feet from the bar. Often times you’ll see the cook with his hands in the ground beef making your burger before he throws it on and cooks it for you.

    2. Saloon on U Street. Not just for the names on the bricks, the funny menu, and the Iranian bartender who looks like a young Keyser Soze. They make a damned fine burger here.

    3. Shelley’s Backroom (F Street between 13th and 14th). If you order anything other than a bacon cheeseburger here, you’ve made a terrible mistake. Be warned, you will stink like cigars if you eat at Shelley’s.

  • Hudson took over the spot that used to be David Greggory (not the NBC guy) over in Laptopia.

  • G for Good – Yes, Bon Burgers! (So, are you a GW alum?)

    They are not as good as they used to be, but they’re still like nothing else. Carryout from the Bon Appetit downstairs or served in the Red Lion bar upstairs, they are the burgers that have kept generations of GW students from starving to death. (Well, along with hot dogs from Manoosh.)

    The Lion’s address is 2100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, but it’s really on I Street between 20th and 21st.

  • G for Good is thinking of Lindy’s, 21st and I.

    I realize omnivores may not care, but I have to say the veggie sandwich at 5 guys is lacking, and the veggie burger at Lindy’s was downright inedible the one time I was dumb enough to order it.

  • RCR you are the best!

  • Lau – Lindy bought the Bon and the Lion. Now they are called Lindy’s Bon Appetit and Lindy’s Red Lion.

    I am showing my age above, but we’re talking about the same place.

  • whether you like ‘5 guys’ or not, at least it is locally-owned versus some giant trans-national behometh….

  • I love Five Guys for their fries, but I have to say, it is definitely not “cheap”…

    A standard burger (no cheese) is $4.19 in most locations. A large order of fries is like $4.79/a regular size (which is still pretty large) is $3.00. Drinks are $2. So for a standard meal of a burger, fries, and a drink, we are easily looking at over $10.

    I miss the good ol’ days when a fast food extra value meal was $2.99….

  • I love Five Guys and am glad to see them coming to Columbia Heights. I just discovered yesterday though that the Five Guys that used to be on GA Ave. near Howard U. is no longer. Anybody know when it closed and/or what happened there? Now that the C.H. store is opening, I probably wouldn’t be going to the GA Ave. location anyway, but I still hate to see a good burger joint close.

  • I love the Five Guys – I give a thumbs up to any place that will put jalapeños on your burger. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the sliders at Matchbox. A fine place for beef on a bun outside of tourist season!

  • Saf, no, I am not. Just work in the general area.

  • Lindy’s! It may not be THE best burger in the city, but they have lots of choices, creative ingredients, solid fries… and it’s dirt cheap. A lot of the single-patty burgers are under $5.

  • Thanks for the news, Prince of Columbia Heights.

    Eff Col Hts!

  • With regard to affordability, I think that with Five Guys you get what you pay for. I’d much rather pay 10 bucks for burger, fries, drink than 5 bucks for a poorer quality burger based value meal. Freshness has a price I’m glad to pay.

  • Griddle-fried gray beef and pasteurized processed American Cheese Food. My experience with 5 Guys has been nothing short of loathsome.

  • I’ve recently returned from my first trip to LA, and I was curious and excited to try In N’ Out Burger because I’ve heard so much about it over the years. The only way to sum up my experience is: extremely disappointed. I even went twice, to two different locations, to make sure what I was tasting was not an anomaly.

    The toasted bun and vegetables on the In N’ Out burger were all fine, and the veggies were clearly fresh. However, the actual burger was, to me, on par with a McDonald’s hamburger. It was thin, salty and tasted like it had been microwaved. And I really did not like the special In N’ Out sauce, in fact the second time I went I got it without the sauce. The cheese on the Double Double was good, but could not make up for a paltry and tasteless burger.

    The fries were an even bigger disappointment. They were super thin and somewhat soggy, even doused in salt and ketchup they weren’t worth the extra calories. The one thing I really did enjoy was the shake, I got a chocolate and a vanilla and they were both fantastic.

    I could tell that In N’ Out was a high-end fast food joint, the places were clean and the employees seemed happy and intelligent. I know part of their corporate culture is paying everyone a good wage and fostering a good work environment, and I really respect that. In the end though, there’s no other way to say it – it’s a fast food burger.

    So, I was happy to get back to good ole’ Five Guys, who in my opinion make the best burger, dollar for dollar, in town. A little cheeseburger with all the fixins, a regular fry and a regular soda will cost me about $10, but it’s worth every penny compared to what you’ll get for $5 at a “fast food” burger joint.

  • Tonic has an awesome selection of burgers, and their happy hour makes them half-price. Which would make them twice as good as Five Guys for the SAME price. With half-priced beer. A few blocks away!

  • I also went to the Howard 5 guys about a month ago all pysched to have some awesome fries and a burger and it was closed. Very bummed. No idea why it closed.

    Another good burger, not local, but very good, Joe Montanas. There is one in Ballston or Clarendon. I can’t remember which one, but it has this giant silver pinapple looking statue right in front of it. They make buffalo burgers, monstrous in size, and you can choose from tons of toppings. The mushroom swiss is SO good and my friend got the “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” burger. It had an egg, ham steak, cheese, etc all on top of a giant buffalo burger patty… I feel a heart attack coming on after just writing this. 🙂

  • no love for quarry house? some pretty good burgers at that joint. not to mention the old bay tots. yum.

  • oh and kalia is talking about ted’s montana grill in ballston. a chain, but she’s right, the buffalo burgers are the shizz.

  • Yeah I was bummed about the Ga. Ave 5 Guys I went there a few weeks back craving a burger and was sadly disappointed. What’s the story? As for Lindy’s I don’t see how people can call that a a good burger, their food is gross, the beer is over priced, and the owner is a complete ass. Screw that place.

  • I’ve already started investing in larger clothes in anticipation of the 5guys.

  • Does the bar at the Hotel helix still do that half price burger happy hour? They make a good burger.

    Also, the buffalo burger at the Reef is nice.

  • Five guys…best cheap burger in town IMO. There may be better but who wants table service when all you want is a semi-greasy, cheesy, fresh beefy mass of goodness?

    Hardees has a great one for road trips. (They wrap them making them easy to eat in the car).
    And I agree with previous posters, In and Out is the BEST! I discovered them driving from LA to Vegas 3 years ago. Incredible… why can’t they expand, dad gummit!

    Now all we need is NY style pizza. You know, fold it over and eat with one hand.

  • ha yeah Chris, def Ted…Joe is the guy. I knew it sounded like it flowed but at the same time not quite right…

  • I like 5 guys, and am eager to have the open. There is a very good burger and fries at Angles Bar in Adams Morgan. They share a kitchen with the cute restaurant downstairs. The burgers are half priced Monday and Tuesday, I think. When we lived over there, it was a bi-weekly outing.

  • The burgers at Toledo Lounge in Adams Morgan are pretty awesome and they are half-price Sundays and Tuesdays.

    So $4.50 will get you a burger and fries or onion rings (portions are awesome). I am partial to the Blue Pig, which includes bacon and blue cheese. They also have turkey burgers.

    Even better is that you can wash down your half-price burger with $2 pints every night until 8 pm (or 9 pm on Sundays and Mondays). That is my kind of happy hour!

  • In and Out – you must get it Animal Style (off the hidden menu)

    Little Taverns was the best in DC but they are gone

    5 guys is the best now…you should try this combo…fried onions, bbq, mayo, pickles, hot sauce

    And the hot dogs rock too!

  • Tonic is definitely great. And they have a fantastic veggie burger. I wish we had a really good hot dog stand. Top Dog in Oakland and Berkeley not only had fantastic variety, but the best veggie dogs I have ever had. They ordered them from some place in Wisconsin and they were the closest thing to a Vienna hot dog that anything meatless I have ever had. Plus, you could buy all the various dogs they sold in frozen bulk. They had the best of the best from around country.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Update: It looks like 5 guys won’t be opening until Monday. I guess they were a little optimistic about when they’d be good to go. Well Monday is just around the corner…

  • When I lived in AZ, there was an In n Out less than a mile from my house- dangerous! I disagree about their fries – I love their fries, and I’m neutral on the 5 Guys fries.

    Now, if 5 Guys would just add milkshakes to their menu…

  • Until I can get a burger like Port of Call that on Esplanade in the French Quarter I just can’t see any burgers in DC in a totally positive light. Saying that I like Five Guys for the price.

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