Future Mural of the Day


Thanks to a reader for telling me about this work going on outside of Mama Ayesha’s. It looks like it is going to be phenomenal. I’ll be back when it’s fully completed. But consider this a sneak peek of sorts.

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  • Looks to me like something you’d see painted on a touristy Washington, DC souvenir mug….

  • How can you tell? It looks mostly like a wall of colors behind a lot of scaffolding, to me.

  • How can I tell? I’ve seen it in person. It’s all done except the faces painted on the people. Behind them is a scene you might find on a cheesy t-shirt sold on the Mall.

  • i see it… yeah it’s tacky…. YUCK! with the white house and all…

  • i would rather see it look like a cheesy mall t-shirt than a bare brick wall with grafitti tags and curse words sprayed all over it

  • I agree with “Cristobal”…appreciate the art and the talent we have in our community. Please and Thank You!!

  • Wow, some of you folks will tear down and criticize anything, even something that will improve the look of the neighborhood. So what that it’s not your style. As previously noted, it’s better than a tagged brick wall. Get over yourselves.

  • Cristobal & Perry, what are you talking about? It was never a bare brick wall covered in graffiti tags and curse words. It was previously a mural of a desert scene with camels and minarets and the words “Mama Ayesha’s” and “Middle Eastern cuisine”. Now it’s a monument to Washington kitsch.

    And if a collage of the White House, Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms, and similar tour bus stops is considered “art”, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

  • well, i dont know what it was before, and if the previous mural was ‘better’ (relative term) then i apologize…i simply meant that i would rather see a cheesy mural that the tourists will eat up (while theyre here spending their hard earned cash) than a bare brick wall covered in graffiti that would scare off tourists, future home owners, future business, etc.

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