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Best caption wins free t-shirt or beer. This one may be a bit tougher than previous entries so ‘what was I thinking’ when I took the photo will also be accepted. Winner picked Friday.

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  • I guess they took the meaning of flower bed a little too seriously…

  • So PoP, if my other two roommates who have yet to win a shirt do win this contest, are you going to just shove the shirt in the slot and run this time as well? 😉

  • biggest and pinkest hose storage rack ever…

  • Ok Kalia and PoP – just make date already! Kidding, only kidding!

  • “And out here we have the in-law suite”….

  • Just like Mayan ruins overcome by the Yucatan jungle, Rachel’s bed hadn’t seen action in so long that the weeds took over.

  • I say Rachel wins. I was laughing my butt off when I read this response. Very clever!!!

  • The Smoo family decided to return the custom-made bedframe after realizing how pornographic it looked.

    (Yeah, yeah, I’m showing my age and you have to know what a “smoo” is…. It’s from Li’l Abner… Look it up).

  • Bed in the front…poker in the rear…just kidding. I just remembered how popular that was ;P

  • Bed of Roses…bushes…weeds…tulips…sage…dandelion…garden hose. I just hope Bon Jovi comes out with a new single.

  • “Homeless welcome”

  • Oh. But I am NOT hoping for another Christian Slater/Mary Stuart Masterson movie….

  • another reason to love/hate gentrification….. the ornate hose racks

  • ‘Disappointed! There is no foot-board’

  • Stunning Eastern Columbia Heights studio “garden” apartment features tons of sunlight and innovative shower.

  • I vote for Erica’s.

  • can I please have the tshirt because I actually have to deal with living in this house?

  • And to the left you’ll see a concept piece that I like to call “The Deflowering”…

  • This looks like a dope sky place to have a cup of coffee in the morning! Do you think they even get out of bed?

  • I vote for K’s response, as I’m guessing it was closest to what PoP actually was thinking at the time. But personally, I liked the Bon Jovi business.

  • PoP give the t-shirt to Jess in Mt. Pleasant! It’s the right thing to do.

  • “Here’s a nice piece of shit”

  • ok I read all the comments, and I liked a ton of them, but for whatever reason only Jaynuze made me really laugh! Maybe because I wasn’t expecting it but thanks jaynuze for making a very frustrating day funny.

    I liked Anon’s “deflowering” and K’s sounds like what he was prob really thinking…

    JessinMTP…if you really do live there and are looking to redo your front lawn I have a nice green metal headboard with matching footboard at a reasonable price of FREE!

  • I heart Jaynuze’s…and it’s so versatile!

  • I heart Jaynuze’s…and it’s so versatile!

  • I really DO live there, in a rental unit. I am happy to say that the headboard is now in the BACKyard, and the front has been done up pretty nicely. Perhaps PoP should do a before and after shot.

    But yeah, it doesn’t stop at the headboard. If anyone is interested in a broken washing machine, please contact my landlord. There have been 2 in our hallway for months.

  • After recently moving to DC from West Virginia, Jess misunderstood her roomate’s comment about fixing up the flower bed.

  • hilarious. as another resident in the same building with the same landlord, i strongly suggest the before and after picture – we’re looking almost classy these days. and while there were many great answers – i vote with giving Jess the shirt. headboards are only the beginning of our headaches…

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