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IMG_7825, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Best caption wins a PoP t-shirt or a beer if you already have a shirt. Winner announced Friday. This photo was taken from the Rock Creek Church Cemetery in Petworth.

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  • Dying is easy. Editing is hard.

  • Calling for jokes about a memorial to the dead? Surely, that’s not what you meant to say!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed. note: I believe this is a future headstone.

  • I knew I had to be missing something. Much funnier this way.

    Turns out a quick Google of Evelyn Y. Davis is quite fascinating. She’s a Holocaust survivor who went on to become an eccentric multi-millionaire and a sui generis crusader for corporate accountability.

  • Dying is Easy; Staying Married is Hard!

  • Although I love Steve’s reply, if you know anything about Ms. Davis there is no need for any more captions. The tombstones say it all!

  • she’s still alive.

    what’s up with “no bikes” in the cemetery? i can drive around in my car all i want, but it’s against the rules to bike through.

  • Evelyn Davis refused to pay her epitaph engraver when he mistakenly omitted that she once finished the online Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle while only using the help button twice, bowled a 204 with bumper lanes when she was 13, and that her son was an honor roll student at Mark Twain elementary school (45 years ago). He did include, however, that brevity and modesty were not her strengths.

  • Re: the cemetery itself — For what it’s worth there doesn’t seem to be any security car driving around anymore. I used to see them (watching me) when I was in there with my dogs. Haven’t seen them once in the past 6 months or so. Probably safe to ride your bike in there without fear of being told to leave.

  • Department of Transportation Announces New Initiative to Have Highway Traffic Noise Barriers Double as Headstones

  • hmm..

    “love em and leave em, besides, children are soooo overrated!”

    Steve and Johns are both so great how can anyone compete lol!

  • for shits sake

  • Some great captions already submitted. I can’t compete. 🙂

  • She’s running out of room for her divorces.

  • “She never shopped at the CH Giant”…. (in regards to the ‘I did not get where I am by standing in line’ part).

  • According to NYT in 05 she married her 4th husband. Can they fix that on the marker?

  • My wife and I like to walk the cemetary. We always stop at this marker to check for updates! Like a soap opera in stone!

  • Perhaps Ms. Davis should have looked into securing a Wikipedia page instead of a headstone — it’s much easier to edit.

  • Schweeney, apparently also a 4th divorce. It’s right below 1965–

  • I bet some headstone carvers is loathing the day he thought of his financially devastating “60 lines for the price of 30” promotion.

  • “God is good. I am Great.”

  • Enormous headstone: $10,000. Paying for edits to your headstone: $2000. Getting divorced three times: Priceless.

  • hey she’s still alive. i know her. she goes to corporate shareholders meetings and yells at ceo’s. that’s why there’s no death date there.

  • Okay, maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else just creeped out by anyone who would have a headstone while they’re alive? Is this common?

  • PetworthMassage….awesome!

  • “See reverse for Lowlights” is submitted…

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