First Round of New Hampshire Street Improvements Nearly Completed

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A bit anti climactic, no? I think the sidewalk protrudes a couple feet closer. Am I missing something?

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  • would have been nice if they added some green to that big blob of concrete!

  • Why not brick the sidewalks and put in the globe lights like other areas of the city? These a suburban-looking streetscape improvements. Check out the plans for H Street, U Street, and Adams Morgan… those all incorporated more classic elements that add to the aesthetics of the street.

  • this is just one part of it. The sidewalks are being widened, to make the crossing distances shorter and safer for pedestrians. The crosswalks will also be redone (? I think with paving stones instead of asphalt). And of course the median now lined with jersey barriers is being dug out, filled with soil, and planted with trees and other plants. Lighting is also being improved, many many other improvements being made as well.

  • If you look at the designs online, it does call for brick and granite sidewalks, plus plantings (on Georgia, New Hampshire AND Upshur St NW),a,1249,q,640804,ddotNav_GID,1754,ddotNav,|34241|.asp

    Maybe these will be added later??? The plans look great, but I would like to see them in person!

  • sorry, that hyperlink didn’t work for some reason…you have to add this part at the end


  • Indeed. When I saw the streetscape designs on line a year ago, the sidewalks were lined with tree boxes and nice lights and trach cans. We need all those things.

  • Well, when they presented those plans I tried to get a clear answer to: “Looks fantastic. Will you for sure have the money to do all that?”. The answer was something like “Yes. Definitely. At least we hope so.” Here’s to hoping. Frankly, I would not bet on getting any granite anytime soon..

  • word on the street has it that the PoP has new granite countertops in his kitchen…..coincidence???? You decide….


  • I assume the lighting and such will still happen, but I imagine that paving is what it is going to be — wow that is a heck of a lot worse than the plan. Why even put these plans out when they never come to fruition (see, e.g., “kaleidoscope” design for 14th and Park)? Why not just be realistic from the get go — hasn’t the DC city gov’t ever heard of unerpromise and overdeliver — nothing ever comes in in the manner or timeframe promised. Really frustrating. I just hope they at least get the nice new street lights and the tree-lined medians for NH and Sherman … I’d certaily settle for those improvements (as well as pedestrian safety stuff which at the very minimum will certianly happen).

  • It looks like they’re going to be moving the streetlights too… they did that on my side of the street as well, and there’s two new streetlight post bases (just like the one in the front of this photo) that have yet to be hooked up. I guess they’ll do that when everything’s finished.

    Plants, lights, and trashcans all sound wonderful, though 🙂

  • I assumed that this round of construction was to lay/expand pipes and utilities for the new developments near the intersection. I wouldn’t assume that the sidewalk upgrades are a lost cause – they might just be a part of round 2.

  • Btw, Sweet Mango Cafe… what a let down. I was hoping for a restaurant experience, instead its just essentially a carry out and bar on top. I guess the important thing is that the chicked was pretty good.

  • Oh lord, I hope they don’t brick the sidewalks. Bricks freeze. Oh, they freeze SO hard. And then, I fall.

    I hope they don’t brick the sidewalks.

    Yeah, I’m a klutz.

  • As I understand it, this is just DDOT doing basic upgrades to the intersection. The Great Streets initiative should bring more involved enhancements. For example, trees are (were) in the GS plans for that patch of sidewalk.

  • The plans look great. But can anyone confirm if GA Ave is really going to stay as a one lane street in each direction, as it is now during construction? From what I see, they have made one lane a turning lane. So now the traffic is completely crazy as everyone tries to merge from 2 lanes to 1 lane. I can’t tell from the plans.

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