Finally an Explanation of 911 vs 311

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But how does this explain non police emergencies going to 911? Do you think this campaign will help clear up the confusion?

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  • I was a little happier when 311 was the police non-emergency contact line; now 311 is just the Mayor’s call center.

    Guess the police don’t want to hear from you unless you’re on fire.

  • But who do you call if you’re experiencing a burning sensation?!

  • For non-emergencies I still call 311 and then get transferred to 911 (by hitting 1 or something). I’ve been clear when they say 911 that it is not an emergency and they seem to know that I’ve called 311 first.

    That said, changing 311 was one of the dumbest moves.

  • I’ve always been hoping that this is going to morph into a situation a lot more like NYC, where you can call 311 to find out absolutely anything – parking questions, where’s the nearest public pool, noise complaint, landlord complaint, etc.
    Your problem involves fear? Call 911.
    I like the concept.

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