Door of the Day

DSCN0460, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ok, so this is not my traditional door of the day but I found the contrast between the sweet house numbers up top quite striking with the beat up door. I’m sure at one point this was an incredible pad, very sad to see the decline.

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  • If that door is where I think it is – 12th between T and U Streets – then the place is in the midst of renovations and on its way UP rather than down. The owner may be waiting on a door delivery or something.

  • The door is fine, it just needs a coat of paint and weatherstripping — also reevaluating the old safety bars inside.

    Jeez, you jumped all over the Home Depot door on the round tower, and now you want to install a new door here?

  • the block between T and U is the 1900 blck, so it’s not this door

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