Door of the Day

DSCN0403, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Not sure if you can tell from the photo but this door is really wide and a bit shorter than most doors. Stained glass is bonus.

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  • Is there a ramp? Maybe it was designed to be better for a person in a wheelchair.

  • It looks really small, like a hobbit door. I like it.

  • those are nice houses, very small — very convenient location. I am always eager to know how people adapt to very small homes and whether it’s better to have a small house or a bigger condo.

  • Does anyone know the story on these houses? I’ve always been curious about them. They’re around by 17th and Fla, right? I’ve always imagine short fat people living in this block, with tall skinny neighbors in the next block. Cute houses though.

  • I love the hobbit houses on V Street (although technically their mailing address might be Florida)…they really aren’t smaller than the neighborhing houses, just designed differently.

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