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DSCN0289, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ok, it’s not so much the door as the vestibule. But this door does look like it has some good stories to tell. I generally like the green tiles midway up the vestibule but I’m not sure I dig the bathroomish tiles that go further up. Anyway, does anyone know what that metallic slot in the middle of the door is for?

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  • It’s just the mail slot

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry maybe you missed this post.

  • Shoot. I thought that was where you inserted the hamsters.

  • I can see the attraction. The door looks like the original one as do the vestibule tiles, even the pink bathroom ones. But why is there a mailbox to the left when there is the mail slot on the door?

  • I think the tile is awesome and with a little TLC that door could be brought back.

  • Ha! That’s a little squirrel door, right?

  • @Toby

    My guess is that somewhere along the line an owner decided he liked taking mail out of a mailbox rather than picking it up off the floor. At the house I rented in before moving to my condo our storm door had a mail slot. So when we got home each day and opened the storm door all the mail would spill out onto the front porch. That got old quick and we installed a mailbox.

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