Don’t Forget the Carribean Day Festival and Parade is Saturday

Sun God, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Georgia Ave. starting at 11am. Starts at Georgia and Missouri and goes all the way to Howard. If you are new to DC you do not want to miss this. I’ll take lots of photos and post on Monday. For more information check out the official Web site. Trust me though, it is awesome!

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  • Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I won’t be moving my car or I’ll never get back in (living on a one-way street right off of Georgia). Metro it is.

  • I was able to leave Petworth by car via North Capitol St last year without much trouble. Once the parade goes by the northern end of Georgia clears up, but the southern end is a mess all day. The parade is really fun though–great people watching…

  • Where is the best area to catch the parade/festival? Any suggestions?

  • Kalia, I would imagine the terrace/2nd floor patio of Sweet Mango would be a good observation point…

  • The Kansas, Georgia, Upshur intersection, with the benches and small park, is a good watch location, and where I’ll be viewing from. There have been some vendors down there and a good neighborhood congregation.

  • I’m somewhat new to the Petworth area… will we be able to cross Georgia Ave by car? When do they start shutting down the streets? I live on the west side of Georgia Ave, but have errands I need to run on the east side.

  • Yes, all of Georgia from Military/Missouri down to Howard University will be closed tomorrow. If I recall correctly, the parade starts at 11, and the police will begin closing off cross-streets at about 10/10:30 in the upper parts of GA Ave (the parade runs south), and I suspect around the same time or slightly later as you move southward.

    The first year my wife and I were living in Petworth, we knew nothing of the parade. I was out of town, and she went to run errands, only to find her route home closed off. She called me to find out a way home, and after much effort, I think she drive north, and was able to cut across on military, and back down towards our home, but only after much consternation and effort.

  • Make no mistake Nita…If you live northern enough you just have to cross over north of Missouri. If you live south of Petworth i.e. Parkview and Pleasant Plains you might be slightly more affected. It’s not impossible to cross, just give yourself some extra time if need be.

    Whether it’s trying to leave your home and having to back out of one way streets leading to Georgia, or trying to come back in to find a parking space, it will be difficult I’d guess until 2-3 o’clock. The amount of pedestrian traffic is great as well during the parade. Once it finishes the bulk of activity will be at the northern start point and Howard U (Banneker park) where all the vendors are located.

  • Thank you ShermanCircle and E-Girl!! I guess I’ll try to run my errands on the “east” side before 10, and then stay on the “west” side. Thank goodness I have a designated parking spot. I’m excited to see what I can of the parade, never having seen it before. I’m also looking forward to experiencing July 4th, although my Petworth friends warn me that I may lose my hearing. 😀

  • What happens around Petworth 4th of July? Is there a main show people go to? Can you see it from most of your own porches?

  • Unless you have a nice, higher elevation location, and perhaps a roof-porch, you won’t be able to see the Mall’s fireworks from Petworth.

    However, shall we say ‘independent’ fireworks shows will be occuring throughout the neighborhood. Around Sherman Circle, near where I live, there have been 3-4 different families/groups that set up before sunset, and put off quite a fireworks show, all evening long. And these are not just roman candles, and bottle rockets, but shells, starbursts and other ‘real’ fireworks. They have an apparent sense of pride about the show they put on, and seemingly compete with one another to put on a better display. And it will go on all_night_long.

    I have come to appreciate them. Though the next morning there is cardboard and other firework detritus on my property and around the neighborhood, it is a good show, and far better than fighting the crowds and finding parking or taking metro to the Mall.

  • “Independent fireworks”…lol. I’ve already had the preview twice this week.

  • ShermanCir, I just spoke with a longtime resident who lives just north of Sherman Cir and she spoke fondly of the families who put on the shows, basically exactly what you said, except that she was also impressed that the families always made sure to dispose of the trash and cardboard. Maybe it’s a few others, not them, who don’t have the same courtesy (I don’t know).
    I live near the circle too and the shows are impressive. Even better if you can get on your roof and see amazing shows 360 degrees everywhere you look, even up into Maryland. I know some people hate it, and I can’t see how it’s entirely legal, but it is really, really impressive.

  • Yeah, I’m talking about the “independent” show…I’ve rented in DC for years so I’ve had my fill of fighting to go down to the Mall. I only recently bought in Petworth (in part due to all the wonderful comments on this blog), and I can’t wait for the local display. While many of my friends are more of the get-out-of-dodge mindset, I figure I have to experience the whole shebang (ha, bang) at least once!

  • I don’t think those of you new to Petworth are aware of the absolutely major traffic disruption to the area that the Caribbean Festival is. You just can’t cross GA for most of the day. So be prepared and plan accordingly.

  • I’m not new to Petworth and I didn’t mean to give the impression that you can cross anywhere. You have to be well north and south of the two major vending areas. Technically on the south end that would be 7th, not Georgia.

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