Do You Think They Put Signs Up in Every Neighborhood in the City?


I don’t mean to trivialize a stolen bike, I know it would piss the hell out of me. But this sign was found on 14th Street near the Black Cat and it says that the bikes were stolen in Georgetown. So why are they putting signs up on 14th Street? Do most stolen bikes end up around 14th Street? It just seemed a bit random to me.

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  • Uh, I hate to be so cynical, but perhaps the people who had their bikes stolen are assuming that they were stolen by one of us East-of-the-Park people….

  • I think most stolen bikes end up on Craig’s List.

  • Yeah thats def how it feels.

    It totally sucks that they had their bikes stolen. To have anything stolen, but as a driver its just two less bikers to worry about driving down the middle of two lanes or failing to signal, driving into oncoming traffic, running red lights and not following the basic rules of the road.

  • Maybe, since one of the bikes has “much sentimental value,” they’ve posted signs at sentimental locations…

  • maybe they didnt JUST post over this way, maybe theyve posted on every corner of dc… but from the description, that bike sounds fugly anyway…just saying.

  • maybe without a bike they felt they couldn’t get over to gtown to post it…

  • Kalia – as a biker, maybe I’ll start hoping for more cars thefts so there are less cars using the bike lane as a passing lane, failing to signal when they turn, cutting me off, and generally not following the rules of the road.

  • Yesterday alone on my way from Petworth to Dupont and back I had a biker riding between myself and the other lane of cars on the line…there was a bike lane right next to me on my right. (no cars in it) I then watched that same biker and another pull up in front of all us cars at the red light, roll up into the middle of the intersection and then gun it across. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually saw a biker driving into traffic on a divided section of the road where there is a clearly defined direction of traffic. He then turned right and did not even bother to signal. I saw a grown man on a bike riding down the sidewalk making the pedistrians move out of the way for him.

    And everytime I go to CH as a pedestrian I almost get run over by some asshole biker who is trying to run a redlight and I have the walk sign and am trying to cross the street. I see them zip through that intersection every time like they own the streets.

    The point of this is, yes there are bad drivers in DC, not going to deny that, however you are on a bike, you are the one who is going to die and just because cars are breaking the rules it does not make it right for you to break them either. I mean if you want to be a selfish idiot be my guest.

  • And no I am not saying it is ok for cars to break the law either. They are being selfish idiots as well, they just have less to lose…

  • Jeebus Kalia – chill out, go ride a bike.

  • Every bike out there is one less car! Yes, there are a lot of idiot cyclists out there (and idiot car drivers- and idiot pedestrians, oh the pedestrians!) but this doesn’t mean we should be thankful for fewer bikes in the world. That being said, as a biker and driver I do wish that the police would enforce more pedestrian and cycling road rules. I know they probably don’t have the resources to make this a priority, but you can generally j-walk or do anything illegal on a bike right in front of police officers in DC and they won’t even give you a verbal warning.

  • bikers suck, pedestrians suck, drivers suck… the whole thing is one big clusterfuck… i do agree with kalia though that bikers have a lot less to lose when they navigate the streets like douchebags, but my main concern is pedestrians, like parkwood person says.. i cant believe some of the dumb pedestrain shit i see everyday… it makes me want to hit them…

  • Biker idiots are far less dangerous (except to perhaps themselves) than driver idiots, of which there are many, many more. The only people who should be entitled to gripe about bikers are peds, seguers, and pogo-stickers.

  • I would counter that bikers have a heck of a lot more to lose when they navigate like douchebags. Sure, they’re not going to damage their property, but they will certainly damage their skulls.

  • oops, i meant more… biker douchebags have a lot more to lose.. sorry about that!

  • less cars and more bikes….

  • Yes Kalia, yes, here you are ranting about the mean bikers who get in your way (because it’s all about you, you, you) and on the other post regarding the house in Upshur you said that you are “dying” because you do not have A/C, so, gas money preventing you from getting a unit? What gives?

  • I am heading home right now Kalia, I ride a Trek 6000 with a rack and saddlebags, go for it and try to run me over!!!

  • Personally, I love the free-for-all nature of transportation in DC. But as a general matter, everyone physically able should be riding bikes or walking unless you’re hauling something, not including your fat ass.

  • Actually Puma, I have no wish to run over a biker, in fact it is the exact opposite and that is why I can’t stand when the bikers out there are running lights and cutting me off. I don’t care if people ride bikes and if they want to great, good. I just can’t stand how many of the people riding them can’t play fair. And as for the A/C, no gas does not keep me from getting a unit, I mean we don’t have Central Air. I have a unit in my room for sleeping but since my landlord/roommate pays the utilities I try not to use it all day long to conserve energy. So during the daylight hours we are dying.

  • puma, pull your head out of your ass and read what she wrote.. about bikers disobeying traffic laws and riding in the streets without a care in the world…the point was that she does not want to run one over, not that shes gunning for them. based on your post, i would say that youre one of the douche bags that probably cuts cars off and makes sure they stop for you on your oh-so-cool bike with the stupid saddle bags, laden with organic tofu and granola engergy bars, im sure… not everyone has the luxury of biking to work and avoiding the high price of gas, and i think its pretty asinine of you to throw it out there like that.

  • Kalia – Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt and assuming I am “a selfish idiot”. The truth is that commuting with my son on the back of my bike has made me a super careful rider.

    The point of my post was that sometimes getting around DC is a hassle (comes with the territory in any city), but reducing the number of bikes won’t make it any easier. Reducing the number of cars, on the other hand, would mitigate a lot of our transportation headaches.

  • Jim I did not say you were a selfish idiot, I said if you want to be go right on ahead. thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

  • Jeez louise folks… Kalia, the reason you’re likely to see bikes all over the streets and getting up in your business is because DC has SHIT bike lanes. If this city were serious at all about empowering bikers and cutting down on traffic, it would get some real bike lanes. In many cities, bike lanes are set OFF of the street and not right on it. Bike lanes here, where they do exist, are clearly a marginal and undervalued afterthought. I can hardly count the number of times, riding down 14th that I’ve had a door opened right in front of me, causing me to either veer out into traffic or nail the corner of the door with my chest or arms. That hurts. Other times, cars suddenly pull out of parking spaces or stop right in the bike lane and throw on their hazard lights. Thanks folks!

    Bottom line: Be nice and respectful to bikers. We are working with what we have here. My tax dollars pave your roads and I still refuse to own a car. I think it’s the responsible thing to do. If you have a minute. please find a way to support local bikers. We need to be heard if we’re going to improve this situation.

  • Cristóbal, por tu nombre asumo que hablas español así que tu insulto de douchebag ni me va ni me viene. So you enlighten me Cristobal, how do you want me to ride? Invisible? Bike lanes? like the bike lane on Columbia Rd which is 100 feet and then what? I never said I want cars to disappear so you get your head out of your ass pajuo

    El Puma

  • Prince Of Petworth

    alright everyone, let’s try and be slightly civil. Please no more personal insults.

  • “I actually saw a biker driving into traffic on a divided section of the road where there is a clearly defined direction of traffic….” Cars would never do this…oh, wait:

  • pajuo, puma? nice…im partial to huevon myself…

    yeah, i guess you guys are lanes in dc do leave a lot to be desired, but i think we could all do our part to be respectful of other vehicles on the street and make the best of what we have… or at least everyone could keep their fingers crossed and continue to drive/ride like ass clowns, hoping noone dies! hooray!

  • Whoo to walking! Support local walkers! down with everyone that can run me over!!

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