Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Rider?


I saw this on a lamp post near the tennis courts in Adams Morgan.  Who knew elves and dragons had lived in peace for hundreds of years?  What I found of greater interest, though, was that every single one of the rip off tabs had been taken.  I guess Adams Morgan has a lot of folks who have what it takes to become riders.  I still find it very hard to believe that the elves would have much of a chance fighting dragons…

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  • oh yeah, its true, those Elves are seriously gonna get it. I mean here I am minding my own business when a bunch of them just swarm me. They are cunning and sneaky and full of mischief and I plan on eating as many as I can before the day is out. And if anyone tries to ride me, I will eat them too. BE WARNED!

  • what am i, chopped liver? i will grind all of your bones into powder with which to make my bread!!! RAWWWRRRR!

  • I checked out the website…not a whole lot of information (not shocking). There appears to be an Austin, TX and San Fran group…i wonder if the DC group is trying to gain some clout so they can have their own shield and map.

  • I searched the terms “sverd” and “skolir” and came up with a bunch of references to “eragon” and “vroengard academy.” i think it’s some kind of role-playing game with cards. anyone got a spare 10-sided die?

  • Beware! This is a new gang trying to move into the DC area from the west coast. PoP already posted references to sightings of Bloods in AM. Now it’s the frickin’ Elves and Dragons!

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