Dear PoP

Hi PoP,

Do you work? How in the world do you have time for this blog? So much fun, I love it.


Dear Curious,

Thanks for the kind words.  I surprisingly get this question quite frequently so I thought I’d answer it once and for all.  Yes, I work a full time job.  No, I do not have a trust fund and walk around all day taking photos.  Yes, I do wish I had a trust fund.  But as you can see I am typing this at 11:29pm not because I am deranged, although I am, but because I work during the day.  That is also the reason I rarely respond to comments, although I’d like to.  Unfortunately, I am simply unable to respond during the day.  I have time for the blog because I have decided to sacrifice sleep.  But obviously I love doing it.  Thanks again for the kind words.



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  • Yep, POP, do you realize what you’ve created? Many CH residents have abandoned the endless drones of the Yahoo groups in favor of this uplifting, daily non-guilty pleasure. This blog is sometimes the reason I think RSS was invented/evolved. Thanks.

  • POP

    Just want you to know I look forward to looking at your blog. It’s like you have your finger on the pluse of the neighborhood. I really enjoy it. In an odd kind a way it is informative.

    It’s a pity you sacrafice sleep in order to keep it going. Thanks for for being here POP.

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