Cool Window Display at Redeem


I thought Redeem the clothing store at 1734 14th Street had a very clever window display. I was intrigued by the letters suspended in the window. I spoke briefly with owner Lori Parkerson to ask her how she got the idea. Parkerson explained that she saw an old post box at an antique store and immediately realized she could do a window with them. The letters themselves are pretty cool as well. Many of the letters are replications of old Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Ralph Waldo Emerson correspondences. Check it out next time you’re walking down 14th Street.


3 Comment

  • it reminds me of something anthropologie would have in its windows.

  • this had a lot of potential, but i dont think the window lives up to it…kind of dissapointing to see such a good idea done with such lack luster execution.

  • I’m certainly no expert on fashion-shop stuff, but I’ve always enjoyed the effort these cats put into the window displays. Charming and usually with some unexpected, doubletake-worthy element. As it should be.

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