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A reader had a good suggestion that I highlight a particularly good comment of the day. I like it. So the first one is from Odentex who commented on the Supreme Court Overturning the DC Handgun Ban. The following quote is from a larger comment discussing why he will not be purchasing a handgun.

“This is not an invitation to break in to Chez Oden, mind you, as Lil’ Gal is a biter and the dog (the famed Slightly Confused Watchdog) might knock you over trying to hide under the bed, but we just don’t see the need. I am much more concerned about somebody breaking down the door when I’m not around and stealing my alligator boots and my complete collection of Jim Reeves LP’s then somebody coming in during the night while I’m dreaming of BBQ brisket and longnecks.”

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  • If you don’t see the need then this ruling won’t affect you one bit. If you do see a need (warranted or not) then this ruling restores your constitutional rights to own a gun in your home. You not “seeing” a need does not make it ok to trample the constitution.

    Many people don’t see the need of an abortion, as an example.

  • I have no desire to have a gun in my home, however, I clearly understand Nate’s point.

  • I guess the constitution needs to be changed then. Long over due.

    Saying having more guns in the society does not affect us all is a little narrow sighted, in my honest opinion.

    Anyway, an excellent quote that I agree with – other than I do have to object to the John Reeves LPs…

  • I guess GforGood is right – the constitution should be changed. MPD Chief Lanier would agree the Fourth Amendment really gets in the way of those roadblock/ID checks in Trinidad. A bunch of Christian fundamentalists would like the First Amendment removed or curtailed since they’d like to ban ‘questionable’ literature. I guess the Fifth Amendment and due process are pretty much out the window too since the Bush admin. doesn’t much care for it.

    I’ve never understood why so many folks [ACLU included] think the bill of rights is so important, with the exception of the 2nd Amendment. You have a fear of a piece of metal? Fine – don’t buy one. This city is already filled with illegal guns. What makes anyone think that a handful more legally registered ones (owned by background checked, fingerprinted, DNA sampled citizens) will make any difference?

  • JIM Reeves. Silly GforGood:

    As far as the 2nd Amendment is concerned, I don’t have a problem with Nate getting as many guns as he feels he needs, but Tony “Big Ant” Scalia’s opinion on the matter is full of more holes than pinata at a 5 year old’s birthday. The next time Tony calls himself a “strict constructionist” I wouldn’t want to be close enough to be hit by the lightning.

    Now, if y’all will excuse me I need to sneak outta work and head to the Mall to see Joe Ely play at the Texas end of the Smithsonian Folk Festival. Y’all come on out too.

  • Did not say the whole constitution needs to be changed, now did I? Now excuse, while go to my Militia meeting.. no wait, that was the 18th century, wasn’t it. 😀

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