Beveragemania Kicking the Outdoor Seating

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As noted by a commenter last week, Beveragemania has joined the revival of Upshur St. with some outdoor seating and flower boxes. But obviously what truly enhances the outdoor seating is the dope sky beach style umbrellas. I can practically hear the waves crashing. Can we also note that the store’s name is arguably the greatest in the city?

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  • Yay! I love love love love Beveragemania 🙂

    Try the sun shake its delish!

  • Noone can beat the prices. And, rumor has it that they are one of the top sellers of Hershey’s ice cream in the city!

  • I’ve never been there. What do they sell? Is it a bar?

  • Hope they have a public space permit. Businesses on the other side of the park have been catching all kinds of flak for setting up outside seating without them.

  • POP you gotta love their new permanent sign, too.

  • Anybody and everybody: stop using “delish”. Its stupid. 😉

  • I don’t like the opaque glass…it’s probably the reason I’ve never been in there. Not very inviting, regardless of how delish their stuff might be.

  • Agreed. Makes no sense to me to have the _whole_ window set up be like that. Not very inviting at all, almost seedy (almost like a cleaned up version of a typical liquor store front here.

  • completely agree about the frosted glass, looks cheesy in my opinion. Not a fan of their decor either, feels a bit like chuck-e-cheese to me. i still go there becuase the owners are super nice and i want to support my local business, but i think they could do a lot to enhance their curb appeal.

  • that’s funny–i’ve never gone in because of the glass either. i thought it was just me! i like to see inside an establishment if possible. maybe they’ll be able to change it to make the place look more inviting.

  • i have never liked the frosted glass either, but the shakes are really good… it would be great if they could get a little help with their decor/pr…

    on the subject of ‘delish’, i also vote to have ‘natch’ booted from everyday speech…ugh!

  • Just in case the owners read this and might consider it, let me agree that the frosted glass is uninviting. See-through glass would be much better. But I love the shop and its staff, am very glad they’re on Upshur, wish them the best of luck, and will do my best to frequent the store.

  • I am just to lazy to type the entire word…

    jae go inside, its very inviting.

    Nate it is a ice cream type parlor. They have ice cream, smoothies, shakes, coffee, snow cones, tea, and soon to come bubble tea.

  • you were too lazy to type out ‘delicious’ so you typed ‘delish’ instead, yet you found the energy to type ‘love’ a whopping 4 times?

  • yes. yes yes yes yes. I was was was was was.

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