Best Outdoor BBQ?


I think I may have asked this a while ago but I can’t remember – is there any benefit of grilling on something like this versus your standard Char Broil grill? This one certainly looks cool. What other benefits does it have?

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  • harder to steal, I guess

  • My thoughts exactly Matt91…a few of us in my building have been trying to talk the condo assoc. into building one fo these in our yard for years….also, while it still needs to be cleaned, there’s less cleaning involved.

  • That looks like it’s more of a stone oven than a grill. So many awesome options if that’s the case.

  • The cynicism of the above comments is merely a reflection of reality, but I didn’t think of that reason at first. No, but you’re right.

  • Not cynicism Toby just the sad experience you get from living here for 15 years (but I see how the two can sometimes be confused).

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