Awesome Live Music at Wonderland on Sunday

DSCN0968, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Did anyone catch the great music at the beer garden of Wonderland? Very cool set up.

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  • Hey, thanks so much for catching our set at Wonderland yesterday. We play a brunch show there every Sunday, from roughly 2-5pm. We won’t be there for July 4th weekend, unfortunately, but we’ll be there any other weekend in the upcoming months.

    By the way, we welcome requests, as well as people singing along. Typically we play a mix of 50% originals and 50% covers– but the overriding style is of old-timey sing-alongs. We play “porch music”– which is why we’re called the ‘Porch Brigade.’

    Come sit in the shade and have a beer with us any time.

    Steven Capozzola
    The Porch Brigade

  • I was out there. I liked the washtub bass dude. Oh, and try the new blueberry beer at Wonderland. I’m not big on froo-froo beers, but this stuff was awesome and packed a punch! 8% alcohol content.

  • I am pretty sure I went to high school with the redheaded guy.

  • I def.. know those guys.

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