Awesome Front Stairways and Retaining Walls on Adams Mill Road

DSCN0591, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Adams Mill Road in Mt. Pleasant has a sweet section of really tall retaining walls with cool curved stairways leading up to the house. I’m sure these houses have easier access in the backyard but these look great. Better shot of the retaining wall after the jump.


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  • In my younger days, that stairwell was where I’d urinate after nights in Adams Morgan when I couldn’t make it all the way home. I feel a little bad about that, it is a nice stairwell, but it gave a bit of privacy and sometimes you just gotta go.

  • Too bad those retaining walls are falling down.

  • they are also VERY fun to walk up with groceries in hand..

  • one of the walls did collapse…maybe 6-8 years back (?). I recall at the time the homeowners were being told that it would cost $100,000 to fix the collapsed wall, their insurance wouldn’t pay and the homeowners were trying to get the city to help (saying the walls collapsed due to faulty construction the city shouldn’t have allowed…back in 1920 or so). Anyway, I’ve seen that a couple of houses have rebuilt their retaining walls…but not sure how it was paid for. What a pain…

  • The cool thing is that these retaining walls conceal a pretty large front yard–it’s a really great place for a party, since you get a great view from above of the street going down into the park there.

  • GA Ave is close-

    The insurance would not pay for their reconstruction because the retaining walls are actually owned by the city. They are part of the abuttment or sidewalk part of the house. The homeowner has the legal responsibility to replace them with the exact same material because those houses, as all of MtP, are part of a historic district and the cannot be changed. I do not know the exact story about what happened, but as far as I know the city lawyers said that the walls are owned by the city and maintained by the city.

  • Wait, why does the homeowner have the legal responsibility to replace them if they are owned by the city and maintained by the city?

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