Artomatic Was Awesome


I don’t know if anyone had the opportunity to check out Artomatic over in NOMA the last few weeks but there was some really good stuff. I particularly likes the lion above. But there was great sculpture, photography, painting and some bizarre stuff as well. Did anyone have a chance to check it out? What’d you think? I did come across one sad note that said the artist would love it if the thief who took their guest book would return it. There are some odd people in this world. Who would steal a guest book? It was kind of cool that the note was written on penny rolling papers which was kind of artistic in its own right. On a brighter side there was also a fantastic band on the first floor. They had this one song that basically consisted of the chorus “Africa we go go” sung over and over again with tons of music solos that was simply phenomenal. Photo of the note and the band after the jump.



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  • So this is over now?

  • Sunday the 15th was its last night.

  • even worse than previous years..i didnt think it was possible. there is a reason to not have non-juried shows. it really gives a bad impression to visitors that this is the DC fine art scene. boooooo.

  • Can’t disagree with petworthy more.

    I loved the show – yes, there was a lot of crap amongst the floors, but I don’t think anyone mistook this for a “fine art” show. This was about local, new, emerging artists showing their stuff in one big awesome place. I saw so much stuff to inspire and awe me. And I’m so so happy it brought people nearby my beloved new neighborhood of Bloomingdale. It’s always a good thing when foot traffic abounds and the streets feel safer.

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