Anti-Veal and Anti-Environment?

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Well, you have to give them credit for creativity and heart. But, I always thought the anti veal coalition were aligned with environmentalists. So, I was surprised to see this eloquent plea and artwork on a rather large automobile. When I was growing up I remember hearing about the cruelty of veal and how dolphins kept getting caught up in Tuna nets. I guess they solved the dolphin problem but what about veal. Except for this car you don’t hear too much about it. I wonder what happened to the campaign.

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  • One cause is animal rights, one is environmentalism. Certainly the two causes can (and probably should) compliment each other, but I don’t think their priorities are necessarily aligned on every level. I know lots of vegetarians who drive to work every day, and lots of hybrid driving/bike commuting/hard core recycling who eat conventionally raised meat.

    I don’t know what happened to the campaign, but really, who eats veal anymore?

  • veal parmesan. yum!

  • That van is always parked near my apartment-it makes me hungry for veal corden bleu

  • They are no more aligned than, say, pro-life and pro gun. Hmmm.. ironic, that. But it just happens that a lot of veggies are also politically liberal, and a lot of environmentalists are liberal. But the converse is not necessarily true.

    Personally, I am an environmentalist and I will eat about anything that doesn’t tell me not to eat it.

  • Looks to me like the happy calf has taken a BACK SEAT to MONSTROUS CRUELTY! So there’s a whole new interpretation! It’s all about who’s in the driver’s seat, baby! Whooo!

  • I drive 4 people to work and school/daycare every day. I’m tired of people commenting that I drive a large station wagon- there are 4 of us in the car, I wanted a prius, but when I tried to put the baby stroller in the trunk it wouldn’t fit, therefore, we couldn’t buy the prius! When 4 people take one vehicle, divide the emissions by 4. It’s not like I’m driving the big car alone.

  • CDer- good point. Sometimes larger cars/vans are necessary- and it looks like the back seats of this one are taken our or folded down, so perhaps they do a lot of hauling? Maybe they work on a chicken farm 🙂

  • Parkwood Person wonders who eats veal anymore.

    I eat veal. It tastes awesome and a staple of Italian cooking.

  • Applause to DCer, but 95% of big vehicles I see commuting to core downtown (I & K streets) or even driving at lunch time in gridlock have only one person in them, as if they don’t want to share the luxury. (I bike)

  • he carrys dogs in his car for lovely walks off leash in the park. “muddy and wet” or

    ‘wet and muddy” is the name my dog adores him and he been patient like crazy with her in her a true animal lover

  • please excuse my sloppy prose above the car is low and long easy for older aging bones and hips..

  • Veal….mmmm….

  • If that’s the same lime green car that I’ve seen around (and how many can there be), the owners have painted my favorite palindrome on the rear bumper:

    Oh and uhh.. boo veal?

  • I think people who disapprove of veal don’t eat it, the same with foie gras (which was actually banned in Chicago for a couple of years – Veal has never been banned, as I don’t think it should – it’s an important ingredient in Italian cuisine. Foie gras has the same history in France. Still doesn’t mean I, personally, will be eating either, though.

  • I suppose my point was that veal has got to be among the least consumed meat items in the American diet. One could argue that most animals raised for slaughter in today’s conventional agribusiness environments are subject to “monstrous cruelty.” Not that I’d prefer to be in either situation, but if I were a calf raised in a crate, or a steer raised in a feedlot, I don’t really know which would be “better.” So I guess, if I had to pick a pet project, veal cruelty awareness probably wouldn’t be mine.

  • veal scaloppini in a Madeira sauce …. delectable!

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