Wow, That Was Fast – Family Foods Market Brings Back Security Partition


I was overjoyed back in April when I wrote about Family Foods Market removing their security partition. I nearly cried when I walked in on Friday and saw the security partition had returned. I spoke with one of the cashiers and she couldn’t exactly explain why the partition returned. She said something about the customers telling her that it should return but I find that very hard to believe. She did mention that there are some kids that throw things and such when they get angry which is very unsettling. But I’m so sad that they didn’t feel safe enough to keep the partition removed. I’m sure if I had to walk a mile in their shoes I’d feel differently. I’m just saying that was like a super tease, removing it for a month and then putting it back up. Damn!

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  • I talked to the people there and they told me the same thing. Just goes to show you that there are still some remnants that gentrification has not removed yet. I suspect by 2010, the cage will be down for good. That is when all the other development sweeps the remaining trash out of the neighborhood…

  • Fucked up. Just fucked up. What a sad thing. I don’t think gentrification should be viewed as the “solution” though.. it must go much deeper than that.

  • I give them props for trying.

  • ah, nate the compassionate..

  • One thing that will keep anyone from investing money or more money in any neighborhood is getting a pistol pointed in your face. Don’t blame me for pointing this out. Don’t be mad at the owners for facing reality. If you think I have no compassion, imagine the lack of compassion of one the thugs waving a pistol in your face for a couple of hundred dollars.

  • good point, nate.

  • Gentrification means people of a different class moving in. If there isn’t a social movement to change the actions of the underclass then the only vehicle for change is gentrification. There are neighborhoods that move the other way, be glad the families that move in are improving the neighborhood rather than putting a pick up truck on their lawn.

    I’m all for creating a movement toward social responsibility in the underclass, but I have several African-American professionals on my block and you know darn well what the guys on the corner call them, and “sell out” is the nicest of the terms.

    there is a rejection of civilization by the guys on the corners. I heard one go off on Obama this weekend and it takes a special kind of person to drunkenly criticize Obama in this city. Those losers wallow in self-pity worse than any emo or goth kid.

    And they can move any time they feel like it and the block will be a better place for it.

  • I’m surprised that there aren’t stores that either don’t take cash or have a payment method where cashiers don’t touch your money (you feed cash into a machine that dispenses your change). If the cashier can’t get to the cash there’s point in holding up the store.

  • not the inevitable I was referring to….

    but I guess the owners got tired of worrying when the inevitable would happen and decided to err on the side of safety glass

  • spot on, nate. i dont see why gentrification has to mean ‘white people moving in, kicking black people out’. as stated, once the rest of the trash is out of the area (black, white, green or polka dotted) we will all be better off.

  • cristobal-what something “has to mean” and what often occurs are two different things.
    i too am frustrated by knuckleheads-but one could also argue that there are plenty of “trashy” “high end” people in the world as well. just saying…

  • I have never heard of someone being robbed by some “trashy” high end person. Mostly it is unemployed, uneducated, young men between the ages of 14-35.

  • well there was this one time that i was walking home from the metro, and a rich old white lady in a fur wrap pistol whipped me and stole the free cell phone that came with my service plan and $4 in change out of my pocket…

    why? dear god, WHY?!?!

  • i see what youre saying anonymous, and i agree… the last thing i want is for my block to look like a whos who casting call for the hills, gossip girl, or any other stupid show that ive never watched and completely judged by its name and reviews… but in reality, living beside a guy who takes up 2 spots with his benz and plays his micheal buble cd too loud sounds a lot better than living beside a guy who uses my yard to get rid of his newport boxes and tries to holla at my female roomates whenever we walk by.

  • True that, Cristobal. I know I am getting older. Cause I wish the guy with the
    sound system so loud, I am sure they can hear it in Cleveland, would at least
    take up jazz or opera… I know. In my friggin’ dreams!

  • They had to put up the plexiglass partition back up. Must have been those terrible gentrifiers and all the trouble they bring. There goes the neighborhood.

  • well, cristobal and nate- i guess i was thinking about the “trashy”,uneducated homies at places like exxon and or enron… some robberies are simply more acceptable than others, yes?

  • dont be ignorant… no robbery is more acceptable than another… but the kind of robberies that happen in petworth, the kind that involves watching someone run off with your wallet after they shoved a gun in your throat, the kind that makes you afraid to walk to the metro, or go out after dark..i seriously doubt those are products of the upscale trash in dc…

  • I am sick of these same kind of posts by the same people. How can you call human beings “trash”? PoP- I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. But this vitriol is exhausting. I need a break. I think the summertime without the hatred will do the trick. So I look forward to stopping by the site in September and see if the same negative energy is here.

  • Well what do you want to call the people who think its ok to take advantage of others through fear? People who don’t feel that they should contribute to society in positive ways and just take what they want regardless if they deserve it? Or people who sell drugs to your children or throw trash in all our yards, streets, public places? How about the people who accept wellfare when they are perfectly capable of obtaining and holding down jobs while the “working poor” work hard to make the same amount of money because they have a sense of pride whereas the ones who don’t need wellfare but accept it have only a sense of entitlement… What do you want to call them?

    Because Human Beings, Fellow Man, they aren’t supposed to do that to each other. Animals prey off their weak and take what they want…if not “Trash” how about something closer to what they are…Bottom Feeders, Scavengers, …Parasites.

    I really don’t think its hatred of these people, so much as hatred of what they do as individuals to us as a whole. And it’s probably time you took your Emerald Colored Glasses off and saw like Dorothy and her friends did, that the Emerald City is in fact not what it seems to be.

    *The wellfare comment only is aimed towards the people who are perfectly capable of working. Not the ones who actually need wellfare due to disabilities, etc.

  • What was it that former NYC Mayor Koch once said about how a liberal changes into a conservative? By getting mugged? Or something like that. There is no way to justify robbing people, hurting them for their money. It upsets the victims who are then less likely to feel sorry for the perps by thinking what a crappy children they had, daddy’s in jail, mommie had no time for them so they fall victim to peer pressure and become street thugs. The only hatred I see is from the criminals against the hard-working people they rob from or assault, not from commenters who don’t feel sorry for them. Catch them and lock them the *&%$ up.

  • wow. no one would mistake this bunch for anything remotely resembling liberals, toby.. no need to get your blood pressure up.. no one wants to be mugged-ideology notwithstanding. and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. but judging from the prevaling winds on this site, i think barry goldwater died too soon..

  • im just trying to clarify once and for all, toby. ( and i share your frustration with crime. all crime..) does the fleecing of folks by “crews” like enron and or exxon also potentially impact one’s ideological weather? i ask because it does seem that americans draw distinctions-big distinctions -between the guy who knocks someone in the head, versus, say, nixon, or a president who would oversee the illegal invasion of a sovreign country.
    i just think “we” (or you. or you all) should say there are two lanes on your criminal assessment highway.

  • Anon 12:50pm

    I don’t think Toby is negating the fact that crime is crime no matter where it comes from or that Nixon and Enron should be given free passes at crimes committed or that they should be treated differently. I think Toby and everyone else here talking about local “trash” are just talking about the fact that the local “trash” is the reason this bullet proof glass went back up and that those are the people they wouldn’t mind seeing leave the area. Last I checked Enron CEO’s and Nixon don’t live in Petworth and don’t stick guns in your face, yes their crimes were awful, but they weren’t here in Petworth making businesses feel like they needed to protect themselves and residents want to cheer on Gentrification…

  • this whole duality of robbery comparison is getting ridiculous..cheating your employees out of their benefits and retirements is a terrible terrible thing, but what can one do? we have elected representatives into our government, who in turn help to appoint judges who (we hope) will ultimately give these bastards what they deserve… i think that corrupt ceos deserve the chair personally, because their crimes are so cold and calculated. would i want mike the mugger executed? no… if anything, i would rather chip the ceo get nailed over mike… but there is nothing i can do about chip other than bitch and moan and be disgusted (then go vote for the candidate that vows to crack down on that sort of corruption). mike, on the other hand… hes my neighbor…hes the guy that hassles my roomates at the corner.. hes the guy i can call the cops on..hes the guy that might shoot me for whats in my wallet..hes the guy that i can actually do something about, like keep my yard mowed, do my own renovations, driving my property value up, and then get him pushed out through the magic of gentrification. i think youre trying to make this into a racial issue, and i resent that. mike could be any race, but he would still be trash, and thats the kind of person that i have no problems seeing kicked out.

    the only difference in the crimes is what i can and can not do to prevent them from happening.

  • you mean you choose not to do anything about the white collar crime.

  • So, anonymous, what did you do about white collar crime today?

  • well anonymous, why dont you give some suggestions on how i can stop white collar crime, because obviously, you are in the know. please tell me how i can stop these vicious, heinous crimes that go on in the penthouse suites of skyscraping office buildings that belong to companies that i dont work for, or have access to records of. is there an anonymous number i can call next time i see the ceo, who lives in the mansion next door to my quaint little row house, doing something fishy, like hanging a gold threaded shower curtain, or buying a his wife a new car? maybe my community has a watch dog group for these trashy rich types…

    are you a thug apologist? you really havent said anything to the point of stopping the petty criminals in our streets, but you sure seem hell bent on making sure that we know you are definitely against white collar crime.

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