Which is the Better Falafel Shop?

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I’ve always been a devotee of Amsterdam Falafel but I hear Old City Cafe is also pretty good. Having spent a bit of time in the Middle East I’ve determined that it is all about the fixings. And Amsterdam has a terrific fixings bar. I’ve never been to Old City, so for those who have been to both – which is better?


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  • Old City has a bigger menu. The chicken kabob sandwich (with everything loaded on from the salad bar) is awesome. I prefer Old City because although I love falafel and fries, I try to avoid deep fried food most of the time, and that’s pretty much all Amsterdam Falafel sells.

  • I believe the guy who owns Old City used to cook at Amsterdam–there was an article in the City Paper about it some time ago.

  • Amsterdam’s falafel isn’t really that good. The only thing good about Amsterdam is their fixins bar and Dutch mayo. The only reason it gets so much business is that most of the people who go there are shitfaced and wouldn’t know the difference…just like the big slice pizza.

    The best places for falafel are DC Cafe on P st near Dupont Circle. It’s open 24hrs.
    The Sudanese place at the intersectio of 18th st, Florida and 18th…I think it’s called El-Kartooum (sp?)…is really good. Astor Cafe on Columbia in Adams Morgan is also good.

  • A big deal was made when Amsterdam started accepting Euros…what I like is that Old City proudly proclaims that they only accept American dollars….

  • El Khartoum’s falafel is delicious… I used to live three doors down from the shop and ate there almost weekly. Order with hummus and hot sauce. Yum.

  • old city is better by far, with superior fixings. i used to go to amsterdam falafelshop until i was introduced to old city. they have a similar number of fixing options at any given time, though i think they have more in rotation, some of which are very interesting. and as katie pointed out, they have several other delicious options on the menu, including my favorite, the gyro. the falafel is practically the same as amsterdam. and the service is much friendlier. the owner and members of his family are regularly working the register.

  • This is a no brainer. Amsterdam is lousy at best. The falafel is lousy, normally overcooked and the dining room is way to small. For the price and experience, Old City is the way to go. As Hungry pointed out, the multiude of fixings that are normally in rotation are far superior than the way to thick hummus, bland yougurt sauce and semi-fresh vegetables that are found at Amsterdam. Furthermore, any place that accepts Euro’s, is just plain old fashioned unamerican. I for one, am glad to frequent a place like Old City and will continue to do so, with regularity.

  • I agree that Old City is way better than Amsterdam. But please tell me people are kidding with their Euro hating.

    Remember: Nationalism = Racism

  • I’d like to know what you’re smoking FalafelFan because in no way does Nationalism = Racism.

    Can’t wait to try El Khartoum’s 🙂

  • Old City is definitely better, crispy on the outside with a bit of a creamy texture in, and the fixin’s bar is at least as good, if not better than Amsterdam. I will give props to Amsterdam’s fries though. They got the vlaamse frites down cold.

    Skip El Khartoum’s falafel. Its not fresh and they microwave it, which kills any crispiness. Instead, go there for good shwarma and shish taouk (flame broiled chicken kabobs)

  • I visit both — I like the variety of meat options Old City offers, yet I prefer the atmosphere and fries of Amsterdam. Old City would do far more business if their shop was a 3rd the size and freshened up a bit. The large space and bad plants and interior really do a disservice to the business overall. Psychologically speaking, people just don’t like to see large empty restaurants.

  • Old City! The service is good, the menu has more options, and you can actually sit inside and enjoy your falafel.

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