Where Do You Lock Up Your Bike at DCUSA in Columbia Heights?


Walking by the DCUSA complex on 14th Street I noticed that there is only this paltry section for Bike lock up. It can hold what maybe 10 bikes? There don’t seem to be a lot of other options to lock up your bike. I guess maybe they assume people won’t be biking there as it’ll be tough to carry home all your tube socks from Target on your bike? Anyone know if the new streetscape plans call for more bicycle “parking”? Anyone think that actually this is the right amount of bicycle “parking”?

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  • It’s really frustrating. The other day I had to lock my bike three blocks away. The sidewalk is very wide, there’s no reason that they cannot add more bike parking, especially when it is almost always full.

  • This is a known issue. Ironically, the parking garage isn’t even remotely full.

  • I had to lock mine on a street sign the other day cause the rack was full. As an aside, the bike section at Target was completely ravaged the other day. Not a single bike left to buy. Perhaps gas prices and nasty congestion on 14th are working together to motivate more bike traffic to the area.

  • I think I recall reading somewhere (might have been on the Columbiaheightsnews.com site somewhere) that there are plans for more biking parking as part of the final/original (which ever you want to believe) street scape plan. When and whether.. who knows.

  • I lock my bike onto another bike.

    Seriously, though, it’s quite annoying. I just try to shove my bike in there as best I can, but more bike racks are desperately needed.

  • I read that extra unused racks now installed at RFK are to be relocated to DCUSA. Sounds easy enough, but that was 2 months ago and that hasn’t happened.

  • Christina, what happens if they try to leave?

  • Is there any bike parking in the obscenely huge parking garage underneath the building?

  • Miss K., I was just kidding. 🙂 But I almost felt like doing that this past weekend.

  • I park my bike in the garage below the target. What is great about this is that you can lock it right near the security guards in the elevator room. I always say hello so they see my face and know I am the owner of the bike. Just lock it up on any poll down there.


  • I had my front wheel stolen there on Monday night (I locked the frame but not the front wheel, my bad) but what really amazed me and ina way amused me was a guy three bikes down, he got there and had his FRAME stolen as he had only locked his front wheel, long story short, the thief stole his frame and my front wheel and rode away. I didnt report it, I walked my one wheeled bike home amd pondered…

  • the rack that is there currently WAS the one that was at RFK. DCUSA opened without any on-street bike parking, and WABA worked with DDOT to get that rack moved in shortly afterwards. The racks in the garage are poorly installed (too close to wall) and should be located right next to the door and close to the security guards anyhow. We definitely need more bike parking there. As to the planned streetscape improvements, go ask a fortuneteller since that thing is a great huge mystery as to when and what is actually going to be implemented from the online plan.

    Checkout WashCycle for pictures and more on the story about the DCUSA parking

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