Well, At Least They Left The Pedals


Then I noticed the little white tag. It’s a bit blurry but it says DDOT has identified this bike as abandoned and the owner has 10 days to pick it up. Who knew there was a whole process to collecting “abandoned” bikes? It is a bit sad to look at though. Kind of like a carcass of some sort… Blurry close up of the white tag after the jump.


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  • I just had the city remove a bike from our street that had been there for 4 years and had no wheels. It’s very easy, the city has added it as an option on the dc.gov website, in the section where you can request services. They tag the bike for a while to make sure it doesn’t belong to anyone before they remove it.

  • This is on 14th Street, right? I walk by this bike almost every day…and yes, it is very sad. Why buy the bike if you can get the seat for free?

  • Anyone know what the police do with these abandoned bikes once they’re confiscated? I’ve been looking for an old beater to ride to and from the metro, and free-to-good-home would be a great price…

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