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  • You’ve also featured this house’s tropical back porch before. Perhaps the most frequently blogged home? These folks are great neighbors so I support their choice of super bright yellow.

  • Too bright. I like yellow but there is a limit in “public” space. Although it does brigthen up yet another nasty ass alley… hmm.. maybe I’ll reconsider.

  • OMG!! I just drove by that house yesterday and thought the yellow was great, as it is my favorite color, and thought PoP should mention it. And here it is!!

  • I like it. It’s unexpected, playful, and fun. Fresh, as PoP, might say.

  • Hopefully they have a lot of extra paint to cover up the inevitable crap gang grafitti.

  • Parakeet is right, It’s only a matter of time before some dumb-ass vandal defaces their pretty sweet looking yellow wall. Repeal the gun ban, I say!

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