Tina Checks Out Burritos Fast in Mount Pleasant


This was a big weekend for me. I finally made the jump from group living and moved into my very own apartment. Technically I am no longer a resident of Mount Pleasant, but I’m not far from the official border line, and will continue to consider myself as such. I love this neighborhood, and home is where the heart is, right?

Anyhow, in honor of my last night in the ‘hood (and because I was in a bit of a rush to make it to IKEA before it closed) the boyfriend and I got ourselves a couple of burritos and a tamarindo from Burritos Fast. It’s an unassuming little joint among the Laundromats, liquor stores and other restaurants lining Mount Pleasant Street. They’ve got a pretty sweet little wooden sign hanging out front though. I wonder if it meets PoP’s standards for a cool city sign?! The menu is limited to a choice of a burrito or tacos, and you choose between meat or chicken or the two vegetarian options. Then you tell the person behind the counter what you want and they make it right there in front of you. Inside there are only a couple of tables and a window counter, so we decided to take our dinner across the street for a little makeshift picnic in Lamont Park. Conveniently there were two guys having a guitar jam session right next to us, so we even had a little background music – reason #278 why I love Mount Pleasant. Story continues after the jump.

So, “how was it?” you ask. Well, it was fast. I know it’s a chain, and it’s nice to support smaller local establishments, but I have to say I still like Chipotle better. My burrito was tasty and the meat was actually juicier and seasoned a little better than Chipotle’s, but the rice was kind of overcooked and the guacamole didn’t have quite the kick I was hoping for. The tamarindo, however, was pretty delicious. No complaints there. Perhaps we are just not skilled burrito-eaters, (friends who have shared a meal with said boyfriend might argue that he is not a skilled eater, period) but they were kind of unwieldy and fell apart easily, and we both wound up opening them up and picking at the insides.

Overall, it was good enough and I would go back, but save for the company, the impromptu concert, and the great springtime weather, I found the entire burrito experience to be less than stellar. Has anyone been there and loved it? Got any recommendations for a great burrito place that isn’t a chain?

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  • Not a fan of any burrito I have found in DC. Pepito’s on Columbia wins for best tacos, however.

    -A Californian.

  • How much did it run you for each burrito? Would be nice to compare prices with the mighty Chipotle

  • PSUVR6: Last time I went in, it was comparable to or, as I recall, slightly more than Chipotle. But, Chipotle just bumped up their prices a few cents, so it might be slightly cheaper today.

    Good review (I had no idea its a chain…), though for the price its nothing awesome sadly. Decent burrito, but Chiptole has it beat.

  • Pretty cheap. About 6 bucks for a burrito, and another $1 – $1.50 for sour cream or guac.

  • and no, it’s not a chain. I meant that in regard to Chipotle, sorry that was confusing!

  • I have to second on Well Dressed Burrito.

  • This is a really nice place to have on the way home when you’re out of groceries or you really just don’t feel like making dinner. The burrito tends to fall apart as soon as you open it–heck, it ain’t called ‘fast’ for nothing–but it’s still delicious outside of the shell. It’s certainly not the best I’ve ever had, but I say it beats Chipotle any day of the week. It’s just as filling, but without the long line and without giving your seven bucks to the McDonalds empire.

  • Burrito Fast is excellent. A bit messy, sure, but the seasoned meats are great, plus there are a variety of salsas you can add. As a Latino carnivore, I’m chagrined to add that the best of the burritos here is actually the spinach! We usually get 3 varieties, and then use a bread knife to slice them, because these are packed with hand rolled messy goodness.

    As for well-dressed burrito, blah, blah, bland. Chipotle is good, for a chain. BTW, want a monster burrito? Try Hades. Like a nuclear submarine, although I prefer Hades salmon fajitas.

    And, the best tacos and best pupusas are next door on Mt. P. Street are at Pupuseria San Miguel.

  • Worst. Burrito. Ever.

  • second on the “bland” for the well dressed burrito. i don’t get the appeal.

  • mphs,

    where is Hades? i googled but had no luck finding…

  • upthestreet, it’s Haydee’s, not Hades.

    And to throw my 2 cents in, Burrito Fast was fine when I didn’t feel like cooking and lived on the same block, but not worth traveling for.

    I have to give props to Burrito Brothers, though. I ate their burritos for the first time a few weeks ago with a friend and must say….. best burrito since I lived in Cali! Fantastic, and yet, I may never eat another one again as their sole remaining location is in Capitol Hill.

    Thankyou Jesus Cristo for Taqueria Distrito Federal!!!!!!!!!

  • btw, looks like Taqueria Distrito Federal on Kennedy is alllllmost ready! i’ll send a photo soon! i keep looking for someone to ask about it, no luck yet…

  • was highly disappointed as i hoped a small local join like burritos fast would be able to do it right. as much as i hate to admit it, i’d rather have chipotle.

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