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  • I think it has something to due with new grass seed. keep it from blowing away? being eatin by birds? actually, i don’t really know. little help

  • As the previous poster said, it’s put there to keep grass seed from blowing away and the birds from eating it. The new grass then grows up through the straw (I’m sure that’s straw and not hay). If there isn’t a lot of wind or other weather after the straw is put on top, it will stick around till it eventually blows away or gets raked up….. gadzooks I’m a loser….

  • That looks like it is probably straw (from cereal grains) rather than hay (from grassy plants).

    People put straw on fresh grass seed and sod because it helps hold water near the surface and, in the case of seeds, protects them from birds.

    I’m not sure what the benefits are on long grass like in the photo, but my guesses are either that it was seed or sod that grew faster than the straw decomposed or that its being used as a general mulch, just to add some nutrients.

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