The Return of Sweet Kitchen Renovations!

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Above you will find Lisa’s super fresh renovated kitchen. Lisa writes:

“The kitchen was crap – there were no drawers! not even one! i kept my silverware on the counter! The tiles on the floor were all cracked…then came Bruce! He really works with what is already in your house, and he helped me create a modern kitchen that still resembled and worked with the feeling and architecture in my house. He was awesome – him and his contractors. This took less than a month to complete. It came pretty close to $40K and took 4 weeks. The entire kitchen was literally demolished – floors and ceilings too. The best part about the kitchen (which isn’t particularly captured in the photos) is that it really works with the old character and colors in my house. It is a modern kitchen but it blends in nicely with what was already there (in other words, I don’t feel like I need to re-do the rest of my pad to make it match the kitchen). Granite countertops, gas range, stainless steel appliances, lots of storage… love it!”

I can understand why. It looks absolutely fantastic. Check out some before photos and another finished photo after the jump.

I’ll also take this opportunity to request more renovation photos from you all. They can be of any part of your house – bathroom, kitchen, basement whatever. I’m also particularly keen to get some photos of people’s back yard gardens. I’ve really been enjoying the front yard gardens I’ve spotted but I’m sure there are some incredible back yard gardens as well. Don’t be humble, show off a little and send some photos to [email protected]

Another view of the finished kitchen.




Another before photo


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  • I love the glass subway tiles! Beautiful job.

  • Wow look at the difference between the two photos. I am so impressed that I will pass on Bruce’s information to all my friends. I have cooked in many kitchens and Lisa’s kitchen really took my breath away. The counter space is nice to have friends over and eat appetizers. The sink and counter space really give off a feeling of a welcoming, open environment to cook.

  • Super fresh indeed. I’m jealous, and I don’t even cook.

  • Beautiful colors, and I love the mood lighting! The space would also lend itself well to shooting a cooking show if you felt so inclined.

  • Looks………exactly like every other “luxury” kitchen…nice job. Does anyone in this city have any originality or creativity?

  • It’s gorgeous and looks totally functional….and I should know about gorgeous and functional kitchens. My only problem with it is….I haven’t yet been invited over sample the food that gets cooked in it. I love that you opened up the wall.

  • I’m looking to take out my same wall and add a bar-type half-wall as well. Could you tell me about how much that part of the renovation (alone) ran? Also, did you have to add a horizontal beam across the top as substitutional support? Thanks!

  • I’m not sure how much that was by itself – but I don’t think knocking down walls (and putting up walls) is that expensive. I didn’t have to add a horizontal beam because my house is really supported by the side walls that are attached to my neighbors’ houses. General contractors should be able to give you a quote.

    Open it up! It is really fun!

  • Great Job- it looks much more sensible than some other kitchen renovations I’ve seen (some that, let’s say, could be called more “creative”) In other words– I like that your kitchen was designed so that you can actually cook in it rather than re-heat pre-made entrees from Whole Foods in a designer microwave!) Great photographs too!

  • where did you get those subway tiles?

  • I noticed you now have hardwood floors where you had tile before. I’m curious, because my house also has the same cracked tiles installed directly over hardwood (they bounce, and so crack and the grout is popping up). Were you able to salvage the old floor, or did you install new floors? My kitchen looks very much like your before pics, sigh…just a super cheap flip remodel that is only 2 yrs old and falling apart. I really like what you’ve done, congrats!

  • Tiles came from Ann Sacks on M St in Georgetown. It is a super swanky high-end store, and I think the glass subway tiles were probably the cheapest thing they carried (around $15/sq ft). The tile didn’t cost more than $300 and I think it really adds to the kitchen. It is down on M St where the other design stores are, past Wisconsin.

    As for the tiles on the floor – as far as I know, they are cracking and bouncing because your floor supports can’t hold up that heavy of a tile. My floor was not salvaged at all – it was pretty nasty. We installed pre-finished wood floors that matched the old wood floors in the rest of the house – and wood floors are cheaper than tile, so it all worked out. And, no having to pick/clean crumbs out of the grout…

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