The Park Road Prognosticator Is Prolific – More Scuttlebutt from 11th Street

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The PRP tells me that this long vacant building behind Wonderland has finally been bought. He hears that the new owner is planning a green renovation which will include a commercial space on the ground floor and either a residence or more commercial space above. Very, very cool. I’m dying to know what the commercial space will be used for. Has anyone heard anything?

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    The follwing is from New2ch via email- sorry for the tech. difficulties:

    (1) former Hope 7 Monroe property — in limbo, developer could not obtain financing. Hopefully in a healthier development climate will eventually be apartment with 2-3 ground floor retail. To me this it the last great opportunity in this part of Columbia Heights and I hope that once (a) the 3DG building is up and running (b) CH Coffee expands and (c) the tan residential building on Park and 11th (which also seems to be in limbo right now) is complete, this missing link will be that much more attractive and it will be easier to find a developer willing to build it. I imagine the promises made to former tenants by the crook Rob Hall make this property less attractive to potential developers, alas, but it is really a blight having such a huge and potentially great space sit vacant …

    (2) Columbia Heights Coffee — supposed to expand next door, but no visible progress as of yet. HOpefully they will get their act together soon …

    (3) space next to Acuario — I’ve heard it’s been tied up in probate but at some point may eventually be developed as commercial space

    (4) meridian pint / 3DG — finally saw guys starting work on this space yesterday, hopefully will see visible progress by mid-summer. Supposed to open by end of 2008, we’ll see about that …

    (5) the space next to Arthur’s (former liquor store across from Wonderland). This was purchased for a decent sum nearly a year ago now, the new owner supposedly had a “great’ idea for some kind of commercial space, but I have no idea who that owner is and why nothing has happened since they bought it, seems crazy to spend all that money then let the place just sit fallow. If anyone knows, I’d love to learn more.

    (6) 11th street grill, already discussed

    (7) empty commerial space next to Rinconsito — was for sale, now off the market, heard there are legal issues preventing sale of this space

    (8) space that is the subject of this post — I heard the owners will do some sort of commercial space and they are looking at a 12-16 month time horizon, but that is all I’ve heard. Definitely eager to learn more and see them get started.

    I think there is also a vacant space between the Chinese place and Mexican bakery, but I am not sure. Wish that bakery would have an area open to the public, the scents alone would attract plenty of customers now that 11th street is about to take off!

  • Actually, the latino bakery is open to the public. There isn’t a formal “store” set up with a cash register, but just pop in and tell the friendly folks there what you want. The bread is as fresh and cheap as you will find. You can buy a bag of 5 or 6 “conchas” for around $1.75!

  • I did not know that! Thanks for the tip. Next time that smell is driving me crazy (in a good way) I will be sure to stop in … (although I haven’t smelled it as much lately, sadly …).

  • > There isn

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  • Expletives? (said with wide eyes and teasing grin)

  • haha yes, expletives too! 😉

  • Ummm, Matt, how do you know that this business isn’t reporting its earnings? I never said it was “off the books.” What about “cash only” businesses like Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan? Do you automatically assume they are tax cheats as well? You should really do more research before you jump to such conclusions.

  • Anyone know what up with the “Up you Might Race?” It seems pretty prime real esate.

  • Actually – I *do* assume that all cash-only businesses are tax cheats/mafia fronts. But then again I used to live in NYC and Providence, which are replete with both, so go figure…(half joking smile)

    Wait…cheating the DC Tax office….did I hear about that somewhere before????


  • El Gringo,
    I also lived in NY for 6 years, and when I hear Cash only I also automatically assume “under the table”. So many of my friends did have jobs like that it just seemed normal.

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