The “Borf Building”

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North Capitol Street and just south of R Street, NW.

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  • Either this is for a different Bobby Fischer or they spelled the guy’s name wrong. The chess player/bigot/conspiracy theorist’s name is spelled “Fischer”. With an “H”.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oops, it must be another Bobby Fisher. Well, I do enjoy feeling like a jackass from time to time. My bad if that is case.

  • I’ve never heard of BORF before. For anyone that’s interested, I remember reading this really interesting piece in the Atlantic back in 2002 when Fischer died.

  • im pretty sure that bobby fisher was the name of borfs friend who committed suicide. borf is even a reference to this same friend.

  • Hey Friends, KB here. While I don’t claim to promote vandalism.. I love good graffiti (disclaimer: nehi and the rest, I can’t remember their names anymore, are taggers – not graffiti artists) and have a habit of researching graffiti artists.

    So, heres the deal… Bobby Fisher was John Tsombikos (aka BORF) buddy that committed suicide. The “BORF” image that you may remember seeing on the side of everything in town was a stencil of Bobby’s face.

    The Bobby Fisher Memorial Building was an abandoned building purchased by an investor for an extremely low sum of money with the agreement to refurbish… Im sure you’ve heard about these programs where you can buy a building for a dollar or something silly like that. After buying the building and “practicing” tagging in a safe none vandalizing environment… they opened it to the public and sold art prints and other memorabilia – initially to pay off the fines John incurred for “vandalizing” DC.

    Much of this you may already know… keep in mind the big fantastic murals that were created – could not have been done alone. It takes a team. Someday, when you’re looking for something to do.. I encourage you to drop in and see what they’re doing.

    Again.. I’m not promoting vandalism, but dang it – I like art.


    “‘Borf’ and the Borf face were references to Bobby Fisher, a close friend of Tsombikos’ [the graffiti tagger] who had committed suicide”

  • bobby fisher is the name of john tsombikos’ friends who passed away.


    occasionally, they actually hold art exhibits.

  • also worth mentioning is that the savemore market next to this building has been evicted.

    the firehouse one building down is turning into a cafe/bar with live XM radio transmissions. it’ll be owned and operated by this is their first dc venture.

    you can read about it in the washbiz journal.

  • I attended a fantastic haunted house this past halloween hosted by local art students at the Bobby Fisher house, assuming they are still doing shows and events there I would highly suggest checking it out sometime if you get the chance.

  • If you followed Borf’s and his McLean Virginia friends’ racist statements about how black people need to live with graffiti while they don’t then you would never, EVER set foot in their elistist ultra-white gallery. I had no idea what kind of scum they were until I read their comments about their arrests and African-Americans.

    I’m sure their defenders will say they were taken out of context, but you know what, I believe the Post.

  • shouldnt you change that misinformation now?

  • Okay.. adding more to the convo… also to keep in mind is the age of the artist. Im 32… and have no strong motivation to tag, graffiti etc… when these kids were tagging and making “official statement” they were young, energetic, exploring themselves and ideologies… and you have to respect that. If a 30+ year old old makes a sh!tty statement… i can say — this guys a jerka merk. If a 17 year old makes one – i might say… eh, this guy/gal is exploring his/her feelings about said subject.

    Check out Erickson.

  • DC’er: Puh-lease. Get a sense of humor, this is for your kids’ amusement


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