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I’ve always been a big fan of the Hamsa so I was immediately drawn to this tattoo. The owner of this tattoo was awesome in a super carefree way. I asked if the tattoo had any special meaning and she replied: “I’ve always wanted a hamsa tattoo and I was in Thailand and got drunk and had a sketch of the hamsa so I decided to get it”.  So simple. I’m sure people will probably say, getting a tattoo while drunk in Thailand may not be the smartest move in the world but I still like it.  Although, those people may have a valid point…

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  • I Sorry to let both of know that it is not symbol of Hamsa (even though they are some way similar).
    It is the emblem of the Jain religion, symbolizing its main tenet, the doctrine of Ahimsa, nonviolence.

    For more information please see

  • While I’m sure the owner of this tattoo would be equally “a big fan” of Ahimsa, this is probably exactly why one shouldn’t get a tattoo while drunk in Thailand.

  • jainism also uses a swastika as part of their symbolism. good thing she didn’t get one of those in her inebriated state. :o)

  • Poo poo, ha ha, would have served her right!

  • The Hindu/Jain swastika was so wronged by Hitler… as was the toothbrush mustache!

  • Yeah… definitely the number one reason to NOT get a tattoo while drunk. As already stated, this is NOT a Hamsa.

    Love this tattoo regardless. The colors are wonderful.

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