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Unfortunately, this woman’s bus came along right after I begged her to let me take this photo so I wasn’t able to ask her any questions about the background of the tattoo. Ed note: It is a hell of a lot harder to get people to let me take photos of their tattoos than I anticipated. So, this tattoo is my favorite one yet. It reminds me a little bit of the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. And the sun of course just rocks.

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  • Quick suggestion–you might try striking up a conversation about the tattoo first, and only then introducing the “photo” concept. If it were my (hypothetical) tattoo, that would seem less creepy.

  • I like the one on her chest. (And no, I’m not perving. I am talking about the tattoo.)

  • i hate the arm tattoo, but i hate the chest one even more. i know, i know.. its a gender inequality thing, but i perceive guys with tattoos a lot differently than girls with tattoos…and this girl just looks kind of trashy to me… i dont know any girl who doesnt regret her tattoos, but i dont know any boy who doesnt want more (including myself)

  • I completely disagree with cris…girls with tattoos (especially brazen ones on their arms) are a big turn on. On a 1-10 scale of attractiveness, cool tattoos are worth at least a one point bump.

  • I am a girl and I don’t regret my tattoos! Truth be told though I don’t like either of those tattoos…

  • I’m also a girl (well a woman) and I love my tattoos. I got the first one sixteen years ago and the last one seven years ago. I still want more, and I don’t know any of my friends who regret theirs.

  • Is there any irony in the fact that she has a sunburn?

  • I am a girl, I don’t regret my tattoo. I do however sort of agree with Cristobal about the armband tattoo on girls. Hey ladies, do what makes you happy because its your body and you have every right too, but I don’t think it can be denied there is still a bit of a sexist stereotype about girls with armband tattoos.

    I do love the clouds on this tattoo.

  • hey, i know her. that’s kali.

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