Target Continues to Amaze

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I don’t know how I missed this the first time. I had to pick up some notebooks at Target today and they have an insane contraption to bring shopping carts up and down the escalator. This might be old technology but I’ve never seen this before. I guess I don’t go to malls that often but this is sweet.

I also went across the way and got a new camera at Best Buy. I’m pretty happy with the camera (this is a cellphone shot the new shots will be revealed next week) but Best Buy has an insane return policy. At least for cameras they do. I asked what the return policy was and they said 14 days but there will be a 15% restocking fee. So I said, then you don’t really have a return policy. And then the saleswoman and I stared at each other for 10 very, very awkward seconds. And I still ended up buying it. But is that normal – a 15% restocking fee? Sounds ridiculous to me. Maybe they could charge one after 14 days but from the start is kind of bullshit. Fortunately I was still riding high from discovering the shopping cart contraption that I still departed the complex happy.

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  • You’re lucky the re-stocking fee isn’t 25%. The policy sounds standard enough.

  • This just happened to be the subject of today’s item at

  • Riding the “Screaming Cyclone Shopping Cart Roller Coaster” at Target is always the highlight of my visit!!! Genius!

  • When I got my new camera I was told I could not open the box if I wanted to return it. What’s up with that?

  • That is insane. This is why we do not shop at Best Buy. Oh, yeah, and I totally love the cart escalators too. Very sweet.

  • How in love are you with Target? Why don’t you just marry it already.

  • I hesitate to shop at Best Buy either because of past bad dealings with whomever they farm out their Best Buy credit card business to. The credit card people were nasty mean, underhanded, sneaky, greedy, and good-for-nuthins. But maybe I could forgive them by now.

  • I’ve been to Target four times now, and three of those times the ‘cart coaster’ has been broken.

  • DJDC – You’re so right about the Best Buy credit card vendor – they are the worst! Don’t forgive them, I did that and got burned a second time. I try to avoid Best Buy for that purpose – only on Christmas eve when I realize I’ve forgotten someone and it’s the only store that’s open…even then, I think this year I’ll just avoid that cousin until Dec. 26.

  • I believe if the item is defective, they won’t charge the fee-sso dont tell them you’re returning it out of spite

  • this is why you should always buy electronics from costco. return policy is beast.

  • Back in the day (not that long ago, but hey…) BestBuy used to be pretty lax with return policies, from what I understand. They also used to sell and extended warranty that was basically a no questions asked return policy. People caught on and started returning things 2 years later for the original purchase price…getting a free upgrade. BestBuy got burned on that for a number of years and I think this is their response to the abuse of their policy. Plus, the device is covered by the manufacturer if it is defective, so you can always go that route.

  • Nah DG, this is why one should buy electronics (and indeed, pretty much everything) from local stores.

  • Don’t they have the cart coaster at the IKEA in College Park? I’m pretty sure they do.

  • I think they just have elevators at the CP Ikea

  • No cart escalators at Ikea (at least not the on in College Park), I’ve only ever seen them at Targets. The thing that bugs me about them is that that they seem to encourage standing on the escalator (specifically on the left, or right in the middle), which I “get” because you want to stand next to your cart, but it’s as if people with suddenly forget normal metro escalator etiquette!

  • CP Ikea has no cart-coaster like Target, but they do have a cart-belt not unlike the airport people movers but going downhill — althought it has been broken the last times I have been there.

  • I think that return policy only applies to a limited set of things. I think the idea is to discourage you from buying a camera just to use it on your vacation and then returning it when you get back, for a sort of “free rental.” Not saying it’s justified, but I think that’s the idea, and I think it doesn’t apply to 90% of what they sell.

    I can’t believe I just made apologies for a corporate policy. Ech.

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