Sweet Mango Cafe Renting Its Roof Deck?

IMG_8549, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m not sure if the roof deck was rented or not but there was some sort of party going on this past weekend. I think it was a birthday party. Pretty sweet spot. Note to self – have a future PoP happy hour on the Sweet Mango roof deck. Right?

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  • Do they serve alchohol at Sweet Mango? A couple weeks back all I could get was Rock Creek Soda.

  • Yes they serve booze! They have a fully stocked bar on the second floor that leads to the outdoor patio. You have to go upstairs to get the booze, though.
    I enjoyed a great dinner with friends from out of town two weeks ago there…jerk chicken, beers, and perfect roof deck- this place is the bomb

  • i’ve had beers in the downstairs before. i would love to go to a happy hour there some time.

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