Sweet City Sign

IMG_8569, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Check out the chicken on the right sitting in a pot getting cooked with a cold drink in its hand. Beautiful. Close up of the chicken after the jump.


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  • Okay, that is hilarious. I feel much better about being a carnivore now! But what is the thing on the left?

  • It should be noted that La Libertad is a department (like a state or province) in El Salvador, which I believe to be the origin of the sign. About talking about signs, I LOVE the new logo greeting us at the top of today’s PoP. Well done!!

  • Heh heh, for some reason reminds me of the old Tarzan movies…

  • I’ve had their chicken salad and it’s very good. But I think it’s mostly a bar.

  • It’s actually a great restaurant though it isnt very well known. It use to be a very popular bar for very suspect characters but was taken over by a new owner and now is trying to become more family friendly.I would recommend it to anyone who likes home style Salvadorian food.

  • Ummm…
    what the hell is that on the left?
    A Unicorn Penis?

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