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  • Can’t see the PDF…

  • Depends on the clinic – who’s running it, and who is the target market? I’d love not to have to schlep to WHC or GW every time I need something fixed. Then again, it’s not like I’ll change docs at this point, so I will have to keep going to those places anyhow.

    A gym would be nice. I’d love to have one that close, especially if it had a pool. But Results is awfully expensive, and with the current state of the condo market, their target demographic will not be moving in as quickly as they would need to support a facility here, IMO.

  • Agree, I am not sure if the market is there for a high end gym (although the need to get some of these people moving obviously is there.. ;)), especially with the huge WSC relatively close by.

    So, hand at heart, PoP, do you think you would actually have used the gym? Which gym do you go currently?

    In balance, a good (!) healt clinic is probably much more useful for the community at large.

  • You know if Jair Lynch is still the developer and the building is still set conform to this plan? http://www.jairlynch.com/projects/georgiacommons.php

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes Jair Lynch is still the developer.

  • if you do want a “high end” gym, i recommend washington sports clubs. though
    all clubs are not created equal… the one at columbia heights will be nice.

  • PoP, hmm.. does your avoidaning my question mean that you were not actually going to use it anyway.. 😉 I just kid you, prince, just kid you.

  • The gym I recommend a lot is Turkey Thicket, at Michigan Ave NE. It’s free to DC residents and has clean, great facilities. There is a nice outdoor track and indoor pool. Free classes in Tai chi, yoga, hand dance, and aerobics — stop by the front desk to find out more. A small fee applies for use of the weight room.

  • Any squash courts there? I expect not, but one can dream..

  • Every time I read or hear about Turkey Thicket, I remember one of my husband’s relatives who could barely speak English referring to the soccer games being played there at “turrrkee teekee” , not being able to pronounce the place. It always cracked me up.

  • If you look at the link posted above you can see images of the site drawings. There is something labeled “health” (I think) that takes up most of the ground floor space, but there are two areas fronting Georgia Ave. that are generically labeled “cafe” and “cleaners.” So it looks like it won’t be entirely a medical clinic but will have a couple of smaller retail spaces too.

  • Results is pricey, but I’d still love to advocate for a Gold’s Gym or perhaps a Sport and Health Club to open up near Georgia and New Hampshire.

  • Hey – its LEED certified and looks like it has a green roof – COOL!

  • Personally I’m not happy about this. It’s another example of M. Bowser’s ineptitude at bringing the communities better amenities.

    Here’s the response I got back from M. Bowser…

    Yes I too have heard that Results Gym is no longer moving into the building project at 3910 Georgia Avenue, NW. At the ANC4C meeting last night, Tania Jackson from Jair Lynch Development Partners indicated that Mary’s Center will be the first floor tenant and will occupy much of the first floor. Mary’s Center has an excellent reputation in Adams Morgan of providing maternal and child health care, educaton and social services. They embrace a culturally diverse community and provide the highest quality of care regardless of ability to pay. Maria Gomez is the President and CEO and the phone number at their Adams Morgan center is 202-483-8196 and the website is http://www.maryscenter.org. Ms. Jackson was asked to remind the audience what the community amenities are that were promised 2 years ago. She said that are still job development and training with Roosevelt High School students and technical assistance to surrounding businesses including storefront renovations. She said they will be soon adding to that list and will let us know what those are. Thanks for your note. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
    Best regards,
    Muriel Muriel Bowser
    Councilmember Ward 4
    Council of the District of Columbia

  • Every storefront can’t be a gym, coffee house or restaurant. Businesses will locate where they anticipate they will make money and considering there’s a WSC down the road and the denisty and econmic power of the neighborhood, I personally doubt a Results would makes the requisite profits. Perhaps in 5 years….

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