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  • The “red carpet” is actually ceramic tile with Mexican accent tiles, in case anyone cared. That’s the sunroom that’s mentioned in the ad.

  • Wow, that’s what a basement apartment goes for these days? my first basement apartment was 335 a month.

  • I actually adore that colorful place. Anyone want to go in on that with me? I’m looking for new roomies and a new place for June 🙂 And that balcony! Dayym.

  • The basement apartment is very cheap. That’s an excellent price – there’s a lot of group housing, but not a lot of studios/1 bedrooms from the Columbia Heights core.

  • Harvard and Sherman? Seriously?
    I remember when I first started looking for places in Columbia Heights/Park View/Petworth, I look at a house two houses east from the intersection. Yikes.
    It’s that gas station and the building north of it that freak me out.

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