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Have people noticed that the metro and buses have become more crowded since gasoline prices have skyrocketed? I ride the metro and it seems exactly the same to me? Has anyone noticed the metros getting more crowded? Or the bus?

Ed. note: I took that photo only a couple of weeks ago and it seems downright cheap now.

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  • damnit, i saw this pic and got so excited..i thought you were doing a gas watch for us, and this was a current price list!!

    *sigh* no dice 🙁

  • I haven’t noticed any change on my commute.

    And I agree… it’s sad that a year ago those prices would have turned my stomach and now they’re wishful thinking. Yeesh.

  • The buses on 14th St are PACED on a DAILY basis!!!!!!!

  • I’ll second nate. People are packed like sardines on the commuter buses running on 16th and 14th in the morning.

  • I’ve noticed no difference on the Metro; I’d even swear there were fewer commuters as the weather has gotten warmer. However the local news did a segment on how the slug lines are swamped these days.

  • As far as the train, the Red line seems more packed to me. The Green line has it’s moments.

    Buses in DC, MD and VA are crowded. More people are parking there cars and taking advantage of the bus.

  • I think the trains are more crowded.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I have not noticed any uptick in mass transit usage. Seems like the same capacity as before. I have to say I do take for granted my short and easy commute via public transport that Petworth offers.

    I had to drop off/pick up my volvo last week at the martens volvo shop on river rd bethesda and was dismayed by the shear number of cars streaming down wisconsin and river roads during the morning commutes. all the incoming lanes were packed and slow moving and the commuters looked miserable in their sisyphusian fate. Living in Petworth with its public transport conveniences, I’m glad i don’t have to deal with that!

  • I frequently take Metro during the day, non-rush hour. I’ve noticed it’s more crowded these days.

  • More people taking public transportation. SUV sales dropping. Energy alternatives and conservation being discussed at a national level again.

    $4/gal. gas is just what the doctor ordered.

    Don’t be sad…be happy. As Martha says “It’s a good thing.”

  • I’m a bike commuter. I am seeing MORE car traffic downtown. I thought this week would be pleasantly lighter car traffic because of people taking the short week off for vacation, but it doesn’t seem to be so. Traffic on I Street is really backed up, and long after work as well it’s a jam. I tend to wait to leave later – even on a bike it is slow.

  • Didn’t the Post do a story about that earlier this week saying that ridership had increased on buses and Metro since the hike in gas prices?

  • There was a Post article:

    This focused on the outlying ‘burb systems – a 23 percent jump in ridership from last year on Loundon Co. buses. I imagine the same is true in the city – either a ‘trickle down’ effect of more ‘burbanites riding into town, and more otherwise-car-drivers hoping on Metro.

  • I think there’s a bigger impact outside the district than within. People driving the 10 minutes from Petworth to work downtown are still going to drive, it’s not that pricey for the short drive. But people who drive an hour or two from Frederick or Hagerstown to DC are going to feel it more, and look into taking the train from Shady Grove or bussing, even. I have seen the lots at Shady Grove fill up more.

  • Kev, amen to that. And I am not even religous.

  • The trains are about the same (orange line heading in from VA). But I have noticed more mornings where they have to hold people back on the ticket level because the platform is at capacity.

    I really wouldn’t mind a little price hike to thin the herds a bit. Maybe just in rush hour to discourage people from taking the morning train unless they absolutely have to. Then again, if mid day trains are 16 minutes apart….

  • I ride the Green and Red lines every day and unless I am just really unlucky, I think there has been a significant increase in ridership. I got took an 8:47 am green to Branch this past Wednesday, a train I take fairly often that I don’t think had any residual delays that day and it was PACKED. I thought it was due to tourists.

  • According to the WaPo editorial, Bush will be remembered as our most environmental president because he oversaw this rise in gas prices and the shift to public transportation or car-pooling.

  • I think it’s really hard to say within the District, being that it’s touron season.

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