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What do you think about the rowhomes that have larger front yards? I don’t know, I think I’d rather have a bigger backyard and a porch closer to the sidewalk. Anyone like these relatively large frontyards on rowhomes?

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  • Agree. Obviously, having both a big front and backyard would be ideal.. 🙂

  • Depends. I have no real front yard to speak of and I get a lot of street noise in my house. even pedestrians walking by speaking in a normal tone of voice comes in loud and clear if im sitting in the front of the house. I would love to have a bit more of a buffer zone from the sidewalk like the house in the picture.

  • if you like to garden a big front yard is great…this house looks great.

  • The type of house matters. On a small lot, the so-called “victorians” seem better to me. On a quiet street you can run them right up to the sidewalk. But on any kind of street, I think, a house with a porch wants some kind of front yard.

  • I know exactly where this house is. I like the big yards, but mine is even bigger, front, back and side. Lots of work, but I love a big yard.

  • I like a big back, front and sides. The farther away from neighbors and passers-by the better. Unfortunately, because I work in the city, complete solitude is not an option. *sigh*

  • I like it. Def with the fence esp since it means I won’t walk out my door to find some kids have put their empty juice packs on my porch held down with a rock…

  • you could sit and have drinks with friends, in the front garden, and make all the pedestrians jealous

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