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I don’t have cable so I’ve never had the opportunity to watch Battlestar Galactica before. I generally despise most sci-fi but holy cow, I’m totally hooked. I’ve gorged on Season One. Those damn dvds are dangerous – but great for a rainy hungover Sunday. Anyway, the random observation, or I guess declaration is that I can’t stop saying ‘frack’. I suppose the show is not allowed to use curse words so they invented frack. So if you haven’t seen the show, I’m telling you it is frackin’ awesome!

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  • Just watch them in order! Season one is amazing. Season four is great. Avoid “Black Market” and “The Woman King”. They were two low points of season two/three.

  • Hmm.. I guess I have to check it out. I was a huge fan of the original version.. err.. in the early 80s? 🙂

  • Thank the gods, Pop found BSG… Don’t forget to indulge yourself with the Mini-Series and eventually ‘Razor’ (both provide very interesting perspectives on the BSG universe that are absent in the regular show).

    So say we all… haha.

  • So Say We All….. except the current season, so far, frackin sucks.

  • Welcome to the fold.

  • Frak yes, BSG rocks. Interesting commentaries on the war on terror, among other things. Ronald Moore is always mixing things up and keeping you off balance. I agree that Seasons 1 and 4 were the best. Hopefully this season will improve so the show goes out on a high note.

  • Yes, the most important thing is to stay in order. Don’t jump around. Again, there will be points in Season 2 and 3 that you’ll need to use you’re DVD Fast Forward or Skip Forward button.

  • If you’re smart, like science fiction and haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica and Lost, then you owe it to yourself to rent those. Lost had 2, maybe 3 amazing seasons. Battlestar Galatica? Probably just two good seasons.

    The Battlestar Galactica episode “33” is quite possibly my favorite single hour episode of modern science fiction tv. It’s so amazing.

  • I also offer welcome to the BSG universe. And as noted above, watch in order. I also agree that “33” is amazing and that so far this season is not up to the standards of prior BSG. Frakkers!

  • Interesting – I couldn’t agree more that “33” is among my favorite things ever seen on the idiot box, period. The miniseries was great, but it was 33 that really sank the hooks in. Also, the thing Galactica did in the lower atmosphere at the beginning of Season 3 was one of the most eyepopping things I’ve ever seen anywhere.

    Why all the hating on this season (season 4)? Sure, not every single thing is working, but the story as a whole is moving forward with a grim momentum that I am really enjoying, and that is consistent with the best of what’s come before. I won’t get into spoilers/specifics, but I myself can’t wait until the unboxing.

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