Post Has the Scoop on the DC Quarter Finalists

They have the images here. So the three finalists are Frederick Douglass, Duke Ellington and Benjamin Banneker. So who would you like to see on the back of the DC quarter? I vote for Duke Ellington!

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  • All three are good candidates and well executed designs. I vote Douglas. He is the larger historical figure, a larger part of the nations history and it will be a teaching lesson for those in America and without who don’t know who he is.

  • I vote Duke. And I’d like “taxation without representation” on there too, please. Thanks.

  • why can’t we have all three, postioned on the three corners of the dc “diamond” (we don’t have the fourth corner thanks to the friggin virgina-ites)?

    dc is far more rounded than a single individual…

  • Douglass is known as the “Sage of Anacostia,” but he came here late in life. Banneker left his mark, but he too was born elsewhere. Duke’s the one. gotta be.

  • don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing—gotta be the Duke! Douglass is very earnest and educational, but people KNOW we’re an earnest and educational city–the Duke shows we’ve got some style…

  • Is it me, or does Duke look smokin’ hot in that engraving??

  • duke. hands down.

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