PoP Appoints an Ombudsman

Yesterday’s post about Bloods in Adams Morgan really got me thinking about the diversity of the comments. So I wanted to take the opportunity to explain why I posted the story. But before I do that I wanted to announce the appointment of a new Ombudsman who, hopefully, will uphold PoP’s level of blogging to the highest standards. Since I am the only “full time” employee of Prince of Petworth LLC I had a small pool of candidates to chose from. So without any further ado, allow me to introduce myself as PoP’s new ombudsman.

Firstly, I’d like to be clear: I don’t think I’ve ever tried to portray this site as a replacement for the Washington Post or any other reputable main stream media outlet. I see the Prince of Petworth blog as a mixture of opinion and observation sprinkled with a bit of reporting. But obviously what makes the site so special is not me at all, rather it is the unbelievably knowledgeable community of commenters that has emerged. Believe it or not, I also have a full time job so I am not always able to respond to comments or fact check (or copy edit for that matter) everything I write. Having said that I do understand that I have a certain responsibility not to spread baseless rumors. Which brings us back to the Adams Morgan post from yesterday.

I did not overhear this incident while I was at the grocery store nor was I told third hand by my mom’s cousin’s chiropractor. I heard it from someone who witnessed the event firsthand, who has proven himself a reliable source of information in the past. So I felt confident enough to post about the incident. Perhaps, I erred a bit by using the exclamation points. Additionally, in hindsight, I should’ve waited until I received official comment from MPD. I say this because I really appreciate your comments and advice. Obviously not everyone is going to agree but that is ok. What I have accepted is that I am far from perfect and I count on you, the community, to keep me in check when I stray off the straight and narrow. This blog is constantly evolving and growing and I’ll continue to count on you to tell me when I’ve gotten off track. Now, I have lived in the city for over 10 years and I have contacts all over the city who work in a variety of capacities. Additionally since working on the blog certain people feel very comfortable sharing “inside” information with me. I will not apologize nor do I see any reason (with their permission) why I should not share this information with the community. Now I recognize crime is an incendiary topic so I will do better in the future in verifying those posts like the one from Adams Morgan. If you continue to have concerns or have concerns in the future I urge you to email the ombudsman directly, ([email protected]) while I may not always agree I certainly will listen to what you have to say.

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  • We love you POP, keep up the good work and quit your job!

  • this is the best post ever. it’s a blog people. get over yourselves–PoP is a great resource for awesome doors, plant holders, grand openings and speculations. if you take it at gospel truth, then I have a messiah I want you to meet….

  • You were right to post that story. It seems clear you had a good source — the MPD response acknowledged that some gang members may have been in the area, even if they denied that the gang has a full fledged presence in the city. (Incidentally, it doesn’t make me feel much better to know that members were merely passing through the area to visit night clubs, and that they were menacing people on the street just for larks.) Two commenters corroborated the account in your post. It is something for your readers to think about if they are going out in Adams Morgan or to raise with their community leaders. I’m glad you put it up.

  • shake it off PoP… no need to apologize to your TRUE fans…you know, the ones with heads outside of their asses…

  • Keep up the good work! If folks don’t like the site, then they should find some other place to visit.

  • PoP,

    No need to apologize for practicing your 1st Amendment rights.

  • Columbia_Heights_Dude, I noticed you were one of the ones who said I should just go somewhere else if I didn’t like PoP. (I said these speculation/crime posts seem to bring offensive/racist comments…). You’re being awfully sensitive. Believe it or not, I am a TRUE PoP fan — I read PoP daily, have for at least a year, comment all the time, go to the happy hours and even actually live in Petworth. So I care what impression this blog leaves on my neighborhood, and I think it has a much better purpose to serve than fearmongering. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any posts on crime every, but that one had a flavor of “hmm, slow news day…how about this!” to me. I just groaned when I saw it. But credit goes to Dan for making a post on the blog about the comments he’s gotten. Thanks.

  • PoP, you do an excellent job. Your blog is wonderful it brings the community together. We get the positive and yes the negative but we get together. I think that’s the important part. And sometimes the negative might even change their minds when they read all the positive. Your blog, is a blog, not the news like you said, I think the whole point of you posting things that haven’t been confirmed yet is to raise awareness in advance in case it is true and then also to open yourself up for comments from others who may know more about it or who can confirm it to be a rumor. I don’t think you should apologize or change. I love you just the way you are!

  • I thought it was exciting. who else is going to tell us this kinda juicy stuff???

  • Yay! Great post.

  • love the blog. i did agree with some of the comments and you addressed them.
    re: fonzy and 1st amendment: there are limits (i.e. the old screaming fire in a crowded theatre) to free speech.
    i think it will be interesting to see if the blog entry gets picked up or develops into something. hope not- hope your source was misinformed.

  • I too think this blog is invaluable… Thank you…
    And as the old skool rappers used to say- “and ya know that.”!

  • Keep on Keepin on, PoP

  • I stand by PoP.

  • Love the blog. It’s the first thing I read in the morning. As for the crime stuff, it’s reality here in Petworth and in surrounding areas. It gets posted about just the right amount, which is to say not too much, but when PoP thinks it’s appropriate and relevant. Prince of Petworth isn’t the frigging Washington Post and shouldn’t be thought of as a source for hard news.

  • PoP I love your blog. Thanks for the entertainment and the useful information.

  • yeah, i think we all like the site. i’m a big fan. i think the comments section is for comments, so some are good and some are critical. i get critical ones too, for my opinions… i even get criticized for other people’s opinion. i think you’re right that crime touches a nerve though. it can literally be a life or death issue and let’s be honest, the city’s rep isn’t the best in this category.

    keep up the good work man.

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