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  • YAY! Great news on the beer and wine! I finally got to taste the pizza and try a couple of salads the other week (umm, and broke a gift bottle of rum… errr, sorry) and I LOVED it. Pete’s has shot up to my number one favorite pizza in the city! The salads were mighty tasty too.

  • Their spinach salad is amazing. A large one of those and a slice of pie will probably be my take-out dinner at least once a week, I foresee.

  • Yeah, its ok. The clam pizza has been the best so far. But they are still mighty confused with the order. Been there twice, and they have botched up my order twice. A lot of staff (there must have been ten people behind the counter today as I was waiting.. and waiting.. for my order that finally came and was wrong), a lot of confusion. The whole “order here, pay there” seems to add more to the confusion than to smooth service. But I am sure they will iron it out eventually! Still have to try their pastas, I hope they area good (they look decent enough), and the salads do look great.

  • Really, the spinach salad is “amazing”? Wow.. what did they do? Put some blue cheese and apple and nuts and.. wait for it.. wait for it.. dressing on it??? I mean come on, enough with the words of grandeur for every single edible dish in a local restaurant.

  • GforGood: I’ve had the opposite as far as service goes. I’ve been there three times now and have gotten prompt service and didn’t have to wait too long for my slice. Also I’ve found the service to be surprisingly pleasant. Glad to hear (read) about the beer & wine…

  • Yes, I should add they were very nice both times – confused and messed up my order, but nice nonetheless. Especially the first time, they gave us free gelato to make up which was very nice touch. 🙂

  • Well, nothing wrong with praising a local restaurant if it’s good… but… how many pizza places do we need in DC? We don’t have a single Vietnamese restaurant east of Rock Creek Park, no decent seafood east of 17th St, etc etc.

  • As a New Haven native, it’s the closest I’ve come to getting the famed Pepe’s pizza without taking Amtrak back home. My first bite, I felt like I was back on Wooster Street. Pretty cool.

  • I tried their pizza and thought it was just average. The ‘ceasar salad’ was awful, too much dressing. Just one more place that confirms Red Rocks is the best pizza in this neck of the woods!

  • Yay for Peroni!

  • The best pizza I have ever had. i am always asking for extra crispy, and at Pete’s I did not have to ask. It was exactly the way I love it.


  • Anon — Yes, it was amazing! With goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, and a ridiculously good kalamata olive dressing I’ve never had anywhere. I’m a professional greasy food eater (Pet’s pizza is average), so when I say a salad is amazing, believe it!

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