Overheard in Petworth

This is a bit random but for some reason it made me laugh so hard I nearly doubled over.  I think it also contributes nicely to the beautiful life.  Young girl to another:  “Girl, you need to get a fucking perm!”.  Beautiful.

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  • I guess I am becoming a cranky old man but I don’t find kids dropping the f-bomb contributing to the beautiful life (admittedly I am assuming the age range here based upon your description of “young girl” here).

    OK I’ll go back to my cave now and play with my short wave radio and watch my beta tapes.

  • Agreed.

  • I don’t like people swearing in public either as a general rule, but when combined with the word “perm” somehow, it makes it all okay. Great, even.

  • Ending or starting anything with “Girl” is worse.. so ghetto… lol

  • I have no idea what race these girls are, but I’m going to assume they’re Black. If so, I don’t find anything funny about this. There’s too much drama in the Black community (my community) about “good hair” vs. “bad hair,” as well as colorism (light vs. dark) to find any of this humorous. This satirical scene from Spike Lee’s “School Daze” will help you understand where I’m coming from.

    I think you struck out with this one, PoP.

  • Everyone needs to lighten up. PoP this is funny to me…keep it coming

  • I agree with “M.” I can’t get all sociological with this… I find it funny as well..

  • Golden Silence, heh heh heh.. that is just hilarious. I wish there were (well, there are) more important issues to have drama over than hair (no matter which part of the body it might be).

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