Notes From Up in North Country – “Colorado Corner”

Thanks to a reader for sending this great update of what’s going on north of Grant Circle:

Meridian is a newly-opend upscale restaurant in bar in the neighborhood where Colorado meets Missouri & Georgia. The Washington Post’s Tom Seitsma reviewed it in this Sunday’s magazine section: Also, here is a link directly to the restaurant: The staff is the best–I have not met a better one in DC!

Lily’s Cafe and Panini Shop (on Colorado, just north of Kennedy): Congratulations to Lily for the birth of her happy, healthy baby boy!!! The patio is now open.

1400 Longfellow Street NW, one block north of Colorado, Kennedy & 14th, has sold 9 out of 10 units and has one 1 BR left, in the year-old development.

The International Guest House on Kennedy, between 16th Street & Colorado is a great place to have guests from out of town stay–it’s very inexpensive!

Carter Barron Ampitheatre in conjunction with the Shakespeare Theater Company begins showing ‘Hamlet’ (for FREE) toward the end of the month. For details, see

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  • Good that you put in a plug for Carter Baron. I should go there much more than I do, as it’s free and the programs are all of high quality. Plus, it’s so close to home.

  • And all you Ward 4 residents, don’t forget Ward 4 night at the Free-for-all:

  • One more spot – an email went out to the Crestwood listserv from “[email protected]” that the 14th St Heights Mocha Hut is FINALLY open for business. I haven’t been able to check it out myself yet.

  • I went onto the link that was under the Free Hamlet and not only are they showing it for free, but for those of us lucky enough to live in Ward 4 they are having a special free showing plus free picnic for us May 31st.

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