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  • I’ve been to the halal market. I think it’s good. I appreciate having an alternative to
    always trekking to the ‘burbs for same.

  • I can’t answer about mail order mulch/seeds, but I subscribe to the DC Urban Gardeners listserv and it’s a great resource for questions like this. Anyone who has any interest in gardening in the Metro area should subscribe or RSS their blog.


  • What’s so special about halal meat??

  • The comfort of knowing that the meat-martyr is enjoying the everlasting happiness of 72 cow virgins in the afterlife while you enjoy a tasty tasty hamburger.

  • I order my seeds online from Southern Seed Exposure.

  • Halal in Arabic simply means permissible, as in by the Quran. When it refers to meat, Halal and Kosher are somewhat similar. Halal really refers to four main things: no pork, no blood, carnivores and animals killed in the name of anyone other than Allah. Halal is often confused with/misinterpreted as Dhabiha which is the ceremonial killing of the animal.

  • Dear Alpha- Thanks for providing the explanation. You beat me to it. Anonymous, I am afraid you sound like those people who know in their hearts that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist.

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